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OH yes! The preview for episode 13 of You Came From The Stars is here! Song Yi curses the stars next episode, but it seems she’ll accept Min Joon for who he is … I hope. She will. This is their love story, after all. EP 13 PREVIEW TRANSLATIONS, c/o ayronics (from Soompi) MJ: I was hoping she will be scared and stay away from me after telling her the truth. MJ: I m not interested in you. Go! SY (to the sky): Are you an alien? Did you come from the stars? *mumbles* MJ: (after reading the text from jk saying he will keep the promise) The only thing I have to do now is disappear? SY: Aren’t you an alien? Even if I blocked you, you can still leave? Try leaving? SY (pinches his cheeks): Will alien ski fall off? MJ: What exactly do you want? SY: Have you never liked me? Not even once?
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omoo.....min joon....dont go...