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banana toast
never heard of it not sure how it taste. anybody ever had it?
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ooh. it's just roasted bananas. I've never had it but my friend says it's good. @funkystar25
3 years ago·Reply
@mrjockX just roasted bananas? but where's the toast?! 0.o
3 years ago·Reply
Idk lol she might of got it wrong >_< @funkystar25
3 years ago·Reply
@funkystar25 baby girl you made me crack up!! hahahhaa!!!! i met grilling bananas/plantains not banana toast, hhahahhahh!!!!
3 years ago·Reply
it is roasted banana. it is a type of banana and we cook it over a charcoal grilled. it is super delicious.
3 years ago·Reply