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i really reaallly reaallly love asian horror movies! any horror fans out there?
aaaw sounds like you were watching the grudge? hehe yeah maybe I'll take a pic of my stash and show u one one day. nooo that doesn't phase me haha I watch scary movies alone in the dark. hmmm although this Thai movie called alone spooked me a bit I still watch it :p
@mrjockx ... a little? ahhahaha
hahaha well i guess you could say that~ well i also ran out because of my friend too hahaha she was hiding under her white hoodie and on the screen the ghost was coming out from under the bed through a white sheet so i freaked out and ran hahahhaha OOPS ... and i think shutter was so scary i couldn’t sleep properly for weeks because of the blanket scene i think that’s the scariest don’t you think so? ahhaha
@ameliasantos10 I can name every movie in that video haha does that make me weird?
aaw you don't like horror much? yes I do lol I have it on DVD. I have a nice sized collection of Asia films lol, most of it is horror though.
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