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You know you got great style when paparazzi photograph you more than a hot supermodel you are dating. Unlike when they photograph The Beckham, because their style compliment each other as stylish couple. Most of the time when you see photos of Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone with him seems to faded into a background. He is one of the greatest soccer player of his generation,one of the highest paid athlete in the world. Countless trophies, awards and recognition from FIFA, FWA, PFA, and UEFA as world best soccer player of the year from 2006 to present. This Portuguese hunk is a star player for Real Madrid. He can be very aggressive on the field, you can really see his greatness at play, at the same time, you can felt the his love and passion for the sport. People seems to think he is loud and arrogant, got a bad rep from the press but he's a nice guy with a great heart. He did play in many charity soccer match, raising funds for children who are battling cancer, HIV, malaria etc. He even flew and helped Tsunami victims in Indonesia. Often auction off his shoes or outfits for great causes. When he is off the field, you can't expect anything less, his extrovert styles and personality often been photograph and followed by paparazzi all over the world. What we know is that he really loves shopping and he loves Gucci & Louis Vuitton. We often saw him wearing them. His style has strong Street look to it ,very confident, very fashion forward, ooze with attitudes. He does accessorized well. He has a flair about the way he dress, he can wear pink shorts with flower in his hair and still manage to look very masculine. He always have great hair style and many great pairs of shades. He is one of the first celebrity to be seen using man bags when he is out and about. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the guy that really puts "Metrosexual" look on the fashion map, He is a great example of redefining of what is masculinity in today's world. He shows that you can be masculine, play sports, dates supermodel, drive fast cars and it is okay that men can really enjoy shopping and fashion too. He even has his own boutiques called CR7 in Portugal.