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By Artists Tincek and Marincek "In dreams everything is possible... you may look at the sunrise, but at the same time there is a night above you. Most distant planets can become closest ones. You may run on the water and fly like a bird. World can become opposite, where sea animals start to fly and breathe the air. It's a place where your fantasy and imagination becomes free." :aww: Anyway...this painting I already finished last month...but I started to paint it maaaaaany months ago. I never had time to finish it, so I found some time for this painting. I tried to paint more environmental piece...and with animals, which I didn't do a long time also. And my concept were dreams. Originally I wanted to draw a deer, but it didn't fit composition which I wanted, so I did a whale (it's more flexible...haha :giggle:). And I did red jellyfishes again...I can't help :la: But overall I wanted to create something different (more conceptual) and more fantasy again. And I combined Photoshop with Manga Studio. Base and some details were done in PS, most of the clouds and fishes were done in Manga Studio...then I returned back to PS where I finished it. I hope you'll enjoy it :bulletpurple: Adobe Photoshop CS6 :bulletpurple: Manga Studio :bulletpurple: tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition M :bulletpurple: original size is 6778 x 3813 px :bulletpurple: I had 179 layers :bulletpurple: I drew it 18.5 hours
i love this so much ^o^
awesome pik sis ....love this color combination ....