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If your eyelashes are straight despite of being curled in the morning, TRY those Eunice's Tips!(without artificial eyelashes) 1) Curl eyelashes by eyelash curler :Make sure to divide them in three to four section to make naturally curl, and in the each section hold on for 3~5 sec, which makes the curling exist longer. 2) Mascara :After you open the Mascara, Plz leave it on for some seconds. That makes your mascara work better. And start putting it from the end of the root and go zigzag and up! Zigzag and Up! 3) Eyelash Iron(Heated Eyelash Curler) :Eyelash Iron fixes your eyelash curled all day long. So it is very good for those who have straight, straight and straight eyelashes. Put the iron from the root and hold on for some seconds.(like step1) 4) Clear Mascara(Top Coat) :If your eyelashes makeup always smudge, Try it! This will prevent you from panda eyes.