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How amazing is this picture?? Photographer: Ivo Vaessen
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@dillonK the Giannis D was a name of the ship that had hit a reef and sunk in the Red Sea...i linked an article if you're interested in reading abt it... i will also share a YT vid abt exploring the Giannis D wreckage...pretty interesting...
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Thanks @cheerfulcallie! Lol I thought Giannis D was a place, thanks for the info :)
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@dillonk nah you're fine, to deter confusion ill change my caption to "Shipwreck of the Giannis D"....i named it as is b/c the photographer had it like that...lolz
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@cheerfulcallie Hahah I see, just another photographer not giving enough info! Lol
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Love this!
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