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Khao Piak Sen or Banh canh for dinner was the perfect remedy for this cold weather, it was YUMMAI!!! Now for those curious as to how I made my dish, I attached a YT video on how to make the noodles and broth. Now, unlike hers I made my broth with chicken instead of pork. Please subscribe to her channel, Helen is a great cook and she'll teach you lots of traditional Vietnamese dishes.
@cheerfulcallie wow!!~ I am Thai as you might have already guessed lol but I will definitely let you know how it goes!!
@pampam93 my nationality is Lao therefore yes, i know Thai too....AND...yes, please do try the recipe and let me know how it went (*_*)
@cheerfulcallie you know Thai too??sen khao piak!! I love that dish although that is a little bit hard to find in Bangkok and chicken broth that sounds delicious!!!!! definitely will try to follow the youtube video :D
@pampam93 similar dish? You mean "sen khao piak"?! It's the same thing but Vietnamese call it "banh canh" flavor, I used chicken to make my broth and yes, sis it was good!! Thanks for the compliment, (*_*)
wow! this looks amazing!! actually we have a similar dish here in Thailand haha what kind of flavour does this dish have?? Looking at this makes me want Thai noodles for dinner too