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Sorry - Buckcherry Closer To Me - 5ive
hahahahah yer i understand that too sometimes I just listen to the melody because with that you can understand the meanings too > <
hahaha..i try to find the meaning.. but some words are really funny if they are put tgether..so i think i should just listen to the songs n not find the meaning..kekekeke
@rinapodolska i actually never listened to Malaysian songs before hahaha but I understand what you mean sometimes I have no clue what the song means but i just love it! or like have you done that where you look up the lyrics to find out the meaning??
or maybe kurik kundi by siti nurhaliza
hahaha.. i dont know why, i just know that Malaysian has very good songs especially in 80s n 90s. although i dont know what r the meaning of the lyrics, but they really make my day!! try BPR - Dari Sinar Mata. >.<
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