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People talk about Hong Kong outlet shopping, but most people don't know this place. This is arguably THE TOP outlet place in Hong Kong island, even though the merchandising quality varies over time :) This looks like a factory building outside, but lots of luxury products are discounted at 70-80%. Top selections: 5F: IT (best luxury multishop in Hong Kong) 5F: D&G, Isabel Marant 21F: Joyce Warehouse 22F: Armani, Ralph Lauren 27F: Marc Jacobs 28F: Lane Crawford Living brands are very pretty even though cannot buy most of them. They are too big :(
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Any idea?
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Really? If so TT
5 years ago·Reply
Not that I know of.
5 years ago·Reply
I think it is still on.
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I like this place but don't slightly against recommending this place to first time visitor. The merchandising varies a lot.
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