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DIY Nail Polish Remover
You'll wonder why you pay money for nail polish remover!
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@divalycious ... ofcourse .....not hahahahhaha maybe you should take pictures and share it with vinglers :D
3 years ago·Reply
I want these pictures @divalycious @ameliasantos10 hahahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@onesmile I am waiting too!! ahahha but i think @divalycious is avoiding me! hahahahah
3 years ago·Reply
you two are real meannies ... hahahahhahahha @ameliasantos10 n @onesmile do you have any idea how long it took my nails to recover ... :D ... perhaps next time
3 years ago·Reply
@divalycious looking forward to it :P (but I hope your nails survive, hahah!!)
3 years ago·Reply