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Can SSA Approve Benefits For Depression?

It has been seen lately that people are coming up with more cases of depression. The cases of depression have taken the second position for disability applications under the SSA. While there are various results of severe depression, the main drawbacks are mood swings, feeling of hopelessness, and enduring sadness, and a lot more.

Severely affected by such emotions, a person is hit by fatigue and loss of willingness to achieve. While severe depression can lead to inadequacy to continue the job, depression can be termed as a disability if the effects are sharp, and it does not let a person perform his daily work along with continuing with his job.

How Depression can be considered a Disability?

Many people worldwide suffer from a painful emotional situation, which leads to depression. Is Depression A Disability, is a common question that many people think about. Any person who is facing severe depression symptoms can apply for SSD benefits. You should talk to a reputed attorney for detailed knowledge about the same.
It has been observed that there are two types of depression, namely:

Depression associated with the loss of a person/relationship or something highly significant to the person
Depression due to stress that arrives from everyday life, failure at work, negligence, and many more.

Most of the time, depressed people are unable to come out of the situation, which leaves them in severe medical disorder for weeks and even months, which sometimes leads to extended years. When a person shows strong signs of depression for two weeks, his condition is treated as major clinical depression. Under this situation, a person is considered disabled to cope up with daily stress, which leads to an inability to continue with his occupation along with his daily family activity.

Benefits of disability due to depression?

A person can get disability benefits for depression as he either meet certain specific disability criteria or granted a medical-vocational allowance. By observing the severity of the situation, along with some external factors, a person is granted SSDI or SSI Benefits.

Type of depression considered as a disability

According to the SSA, there are a few criteria that are published for the public interest in terms of depression. A person applying for SSDI or SSI benefits due to depression must qualify under at least 5 of the below-listed depression criteria.

Depressed mood
Decreased interest in almost all activities
Appetite disturbance (poor appetite or overeating) resulting in a change in weight
Sleep disturbance (insomnia or oversleeping)
Difficulty concentrating or thinking
Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
Thoughts of death or suicide, or
A slowing of physical movement and reactions, including speech, or increased physical agitation, such as hand wringing or pacing.

As a person can register depression under any five above mentioned criteria, his condition should lead to a situation that restricts him to work leading functional disability. A claimant must possess at least one extreme functional limitation or two marked limitations in the flowing areas.

Understanding, remembering, or applying information (the ability to understand instructions, learn new things, apply new knowledge to tasks, and use judgment in decisions)

Interacting with others (the ability to use socially appropriate behaviors)
concentrating, persisting, or maintaining pace in performing tasks (the ability to complete tasks)

Adapting or managing oneself (having practical personal skills like paying bills, cooking, shopping, dressing, and practicing good hygiene)

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