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Korean actor Kim Woo Bin has finally confirmed that he will star in the film The Technicians as his next work after Heirs. According to a statement made by officials of Kim Woo Bin’s agency on January 27th, the actor has recently decided to star in The Technicians, and he is sorting out the details now. The movie's production company is Trinity Entertainment, which also made Friend 2 starring Kim Woo Bin. It is speculated that Kim Woo Bin chose this movie in order to remain faithful to its production company. The Technicians is a caper movie about the best safe-cracker and hacker in Korea getting involved in an incident. Kim Woo bin will play the safe-cracker Ji Hyuk, and Lee Hyun Woo will play a fellow genius hacker. Go Chang Suk has been cast as a helper to these two characters. The veteran actor Shin Goo, who recently starred in Grandpa Over Flowers, will play the mentor of Ji Hyuk (Kim Woo Bin). Kim Young Chul plays the role of a client of Ji Hyuk's, and Im Joo Hwan, who recently starred in Ugly Alert as a warm-hearted man, will play a cold-hearted villain, the client’s right-hand man. The movie will be directed by Kim Hong Sun who won the New Artist Award at The Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2012 for the film The Conspirators. The technicians will begin shooting at the end of February and the film will be released this fall. It was hard to wait to hear what would be Kim Woo Bin’s next work after Heirs. I will try to wait patiently for the release of this movie. Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo are great together! It’s their second time starring in the same work after the K-drama To The Beautiful You. I am so excited!
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I want to go the premier please contac me haha Good Luck