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It was revealed on the 2nd of February, that G-Dragon had gone to visit Se7en during his time in mandatory military service. G-Dragon uploaded a picture of Se7en in his uniform, but not showing his face, in which both artists only showed their hands posing with peace signs. Se7en had entered Korea’s mandatory military service under the “Entertainment soldier” system. However he had recently been confined in a military guardhouse for 10 days for being caught entering an illegal massage parlor with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu last year in March. This created a large controversy considering the effectiveness and fairness of this “entertainment soldier” system, in which many people argued that this system often showed favoritism to celebrity soldiers. Thus, the government finally came to the conclusion to abolish this system. Nevertheless, G-Dragon displayed a sense of respect to Se7en, in which he uploaded this picture, supported with the text, “I came to see my hyung” and showed a great fondness to him. Source: Star News