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Traffic Cameras Are a Municipal Moneymaking Scam
“They put [traffic cameras] where they think people aren’t gonna fight ‘em,” said Louisiana State Representative Jeff Arnold, who has made it his mission to bring down New Orleans’s camera scam. “They have them outside some of the most prestigious private schools like McGehee and Trinity, but you don’t have them in front of McMain [a public high school] on Claiborne. They place them less for safety and more for returns. The cameras are about the best return on the dollar.”
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very true and i agree, b/c we used to have these cameras all over the city but nope, not anymore....
4 years ago·Reply
They took them out?
4 years ago·Reply
Yes, prolly within a year or so b/c lawsuits were filed against them for fraud, so all cameras were removed. Funny, i received a letter from them once with a pic of my car supposedly running a red light but nah I was clearly parked b/c you can see my brake light but it just so happens that my car had gone over the designated line....issues like this is what angered ppl abt the traffic cameras, so ppl contest and refused to pay like me...
4 years ago·Reply
Thats ridiculos, did you have to go to court?
4 years ago·Reply
no, i just didnt pay them and i refused...
4 years ago·Reply