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“At­tempts to im­pose a boy­cott on the state of Is­rael are im­moral and un­just,” Mr. Ne­tan­yahu said at the start of the week­ly cab­i­net meet­ing here. “More­over,” he con­tin­ued, “they will not achieve their goal. First, they cause the Pales­tini­ans to ad­here to their in­tran­si­gent po­si­tions and thus push peace fur­ther away. Sec­ond, no pres­sure will cause me to con­cede the vi­tal in­ter­ests of the state of Is­rael, es­pe­cial­ly the se­cu­rity of Is­rael’s cit­i­zens. For both of these rea­sons, threats to boy­cott the state of Is­rael will not achieve their goal.”
Wait but kerry never said that! so much pandering
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Its just playing politics, netanyahu has his coalition
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