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I shot this in my backyard. I call him Urko because he has glum moods but in truth, he's one very gentle monkey. I am making a Youtube video on his visitations here which I hope to upload someday soon. Sadly, Urko is no more. Shot by hunters as being a nuisance. I miss him dearly. Rest in Peace dear will be missed.
I'm so sorry! They sound like such intelligent animals, it's a shame that they are treated so cruely.
@teamwaffles, Urko was a pig tailed macaque. People capture them and use them as slave labor at coconut plantations. Highly intelligent animal. I only showed him twice on how to contain the dog by petting him and he got the idea. Since then they became good friends until Oct last year when he stopped coming.
Poor Urko! What kind of monkey was he @Benard?
@curtis @joebiden, view the Instagram feed for videos. For family portrait
or is this really happening your backyard?
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