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hild actress Kim Hyun Soo, who plays the child version of Jun Ji Hyun on 'You Who Came From the Stars', revealed her ideal type to be none other than her co-star Kim Soo Hyun! During the February 1st broadcast of KBS 2TV Lunar New Year special 'Star Friend', MC Yoon Son Ha had a slumber party with the child actresses and asked, "Who is your ideal type?" Kim Hyun Soo honestly shared that visuals are important as she replied, "I like good-looking [men]", with a shy laugh. When asked, "Then among celebrities?... Isn't it the person your filming with?" Kim Hyun Soo couldn't hold in her laughter as she responded, "Kim Soo Hyun", and judging by her shy giggles, it seems Kim Hyun Soo might have cute crush on Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Hyun Soo plays the love interest of Kim Soo Hyun back during the Joseon Dynasty and also plays the younger version of Jun Ji Hyun. It's also a cute coincidence that the two have similar names, Kim Hyun Soo and Kim Soo Hyun!