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The Jakarta Post Travel has picked five of the city's traditional foods for you to sample on your Jakarta gastronomic adventure.
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ohh hahah i guess .. I must have just saw a smaller one : ) oh another thing what is the name of the food where it's boiled vegetable and the peanut sauce?? @Keshie I love that dish!!! when I was in Bali, i think I ate it everyday!! ahah
hmm from your description, I think it could be a 'gado-gado' or pecel.. well, I love them both too! :))
btw where are you from? :)
I think yes it was Gado-Gado!!It was so addictive the gado gado hahah I am from Thailand!! @keshie
hahaha gado-gado is actually a signature fish of Betawi which is Jakarta :) I love Thai food as well :)