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Jeon Ji-hyun's Wedding 전지현 [Showcase]
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Actress Jeon Ji-hyun tied the knot on April 13th at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Jeon's husband, Choi Joon-hyuk, is the maternal grandson of Korea's famous hanbok (traditional Korean dresses) designer Lee Young-hee. Choi is currently working at a US banking firm in Seoul. 600 guests attended the ceremony with many stars like Kim Hye-soo, Hwang Jung-min, Kim Yoon-jin, Jang Hyuk, Lee Jung-jae, Han Ye-seul, and Song Joong-ki amongst the crowd. Jeon has reportedly decided to donate all the monetary wedding gifts to charity. Jeon will be busy starting in early May, when she'll start filming for the new movie Berlin in Berlin.
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