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---------------------------------------------------------- Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Recap Ep 7: Yoon Jae put the ring on Da Ran's finger. He said, "It fits you. It's yours. Yoon Jae bought it for you. If you wear this ring, I won't never leave. Because you are Yoon Jae's girl. I, Kang Kyung Joon, won't love you." Chung Sik told Ma Ri that his dad asked her to get married with Yoon Jae. Ma Ri said, "No! Not now! Kyung Joon has to be back first!" And she left. Meanwhile Yoon Jae said, "If you are not going to get married now, you will be hurt more. If you don't want to get hurt again, let's get married." Ma Ri rushed to Yoon Jae's home and threatened Yoon Jae and Da Ran. If they are still going to get married, she will tell the truth to Da Ran's parents. She left and went to Da Ran's house. She was about to say it out, but Yoon Jae and Da Ran came. Yoon Jae said, "I proposed to Da Ran. I am waiting for Da Ran's response." Back at Yoon Jae's house, Ma Ri still insist that she disagree with the marriage. Yoon Jae said, "you are just a kid. No matter what you said, noone will trust you." Yoon Jae said that his mom and her dad got married before (am I hearing this wrong???) At midnight, Da Ran treat herself a can of beer because she is really hesitant about the marriage. She was looking at the ring and imagining how will real Yoon Jae respond after he is awake. Will he be happy? or will he be mad because Kyung Joon bought a very expensive house? hehehe. Meanwhile at school, Chung Sik ask Ma Ri, "how much do you like me? Is it 20% of your feeling to Kyung Joon? 10%??" And Ma Ri said, "Nothing. None." Ohhhh he was stabbed right on his heart. He is so hurt. Meanwhile, Da Ran met Se Young and Se Young was of course opposed to the marriage. Se Young thinks that Da Ran only tried to get Yoon Jae because she is lacking of herself. Da Ran went to Yoon Jae's house and see him watering the plant using the waterhose. I think Da Ran is still amazed to see how handsome Yoon Jae is. Yoon Jae ask her to water the plant instead of him They ended up playing the water together and seemed to have fun. Afterwards, Da Ran was drying the bag because it's wet from the water, and she can't find her ring. Yoon Jae thought that Da Ran lost the ring intentionally because she doesnt want to get married with him. He said that real Yoon Jae will be really dissapointed to know that Da Ran lost the ring and dont get married. He said, "Why don't you try? Why did you give up?" Da Ran argued and said "It's because you are just a kid, that's why you think like that." Ma Ri and Chung Sik were at their home, and Chung SIk asked Ma Ri, how to increase his "score" in front of Ma Ri. Suddenly her mom came after cleaning his room, and told him to throw away all the porns dvd and magazines. LOLZ. He was trying to impress Ma Ri that hard, but it was EPIC FAIL because of all the porns. He was sooo mad that he ran away from home! The house is in panic situation. The dad asked the guy teacher (who has a crush on Da Ran) to help them finding Chung SIk, meanwhile the mom asked Yoon Jae's help to find Chung SIk. So here, they are forming teams. HAHAHA. So who do you guys think will find Chung Sik first? Every team went with their own strategy. The male teacher was searching as the perspective of a teacher and investigator, but Yoon Jae (of course) think at the perspective of a young kid who run away! (Coz he is still young ehehehe). That male teacher was doing this stupid investigation method, starting from the park. He was looking at all "evidence", which are lamyun cup, newspaper, and mosquito! HAHAHA. He thinks that if someone wants to avoid mosquito, they will go to an indoor place. So where will be his next destination? Meanwhile, Ma Ri got some information from Chung SIk's friends that Chung Sik is in sauna place (jjimjilbang). She called Da Ran, asked Da Ran to go to Seoul Station and go to the basement where the homeless people sleep, and ask Yoon Jae to go to a jjimjilbang in Noryangjin. She is tricked by Ma Ri!! Ma Ri and Yoon Jae went to jjimjilbang and found Chung Sik there, but Da Ran is in danger!! What will happen in the basement?? with all those homeless people?? She was frightened..and someone pat her back. She was surprised and turned back, but it's Yoon Jae. They all went home and everything went back to normal again. However, Da Ran found Ma Ri crying. Da Ran asked Ma Ri why. Ma Ri said, "Yoon Jae is really mad, because I put you in danger. He now even hates me more. He still think that her mom passed away because of me. His mom and my dad was about to get married before. We didn't agree. I asked Kyung Joon to do whatever he can to block his mom to marry my dad. That night, she was shot by some gangster, and passed away." OH NOOO!!! Da Ran went to see Yoon Jae in the park. He was sitting alone there. Suddenly the scene flashed back to Kyung Joon and Ma Ri in the states. (Our cute Shin Won Ho is back!!). Kyung Joon told her mom. "If you go to that man, I don't want to see you anymore." He left, and her mom followed him outside, and suddenly got shot by some gangster!!! (I dunno but the scene here is kinda....plain??) The next day in the dumpling house, Da Ran's parents got some guests coming. THIS IS really HiLLARIOUS! Still remember how Kyung JOon's uncle used to have a crushed to Da Ran's mom when he was young?? the principal (Da Ran's superior) also had the same feeling with Da Ran's dad!!! The next day Ma Ri went to Yoon Jae's house and bring his favorite ice cream (OH GUYS that Ice cream is TANKBOY pear flavor and it's actually my fave ice cream!! sorry for useless information hehehehe) She waited for Yoon Jae outside, Yoon Jae came out, and said that "It;s ok for the ice cream to melt, because it is summer. And my mom's death, it's not your fault." Da Ran went to meet Se Young and told her that she can't block her from marrying Yoon Jae. She went to Yoon Jae's house and try to find the missing ring. Yoon Jae came out, and return the ring to her. He said, "I know the person that Da Ran is looking at, is not Kyung Joon. I won't be like a kid who will block someone's heart to love someone else." Da Ran said, "come and marry me. I will take care of you." AWWWWW romantic<3<3 Ma Ri who is still opoosing the marriage, went to the fortune teller and ask her to curse the marriage! Argh!! Meanwhile Se Young is meeting Yoon Jae's mom. She saw the picture of the angel, and asked Yoon Jae's mom about it. Yoon Jae's mom said that the book is written by Yoon Jae's father. It is a story about how if a child help another child, that child will save another child." It was almost the D-day!! Ma Ri wear this white mini dress (to compete with Da Ran) HAHAHA. She still can't accept the fact that Kyung Joon is marrying someone else! It's finally the wedding day (Ohhh its too bad they didn't show how the wedding it only registration?? hehe) But anyway, they are married now, and they are driving the car and heading to the airport. Da Ran will go to CHina (as a fake honeymoon) but fool Da Ran left her passport and ticket in the car!! Yoon Jae was a little bit upset that she didn't want to take him with her. So he make use of that situation to make Da Ran stay. HAHAHA. Da Ran asked him to bring her back the passport, but Yoon Jae intentionally being so late. They ended up eating jjajangmyun in the airport. So Yoon Jae suggested her other option for travelling. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae's mom called Yoon Jae's dad and tell the dad that Yoon Jae is now married. She wants him to come to Korea ASAP, but the dad said he can't. He said, "the child got into accident and missing now. I have to find out more about this." Meanwhile in the airport, something weird happen to Yoon Jae's body. He felt dizzy, and almost passed out... Da Ran came and asked him waht happen. He said," I think Yoon Jae will come back." WATDA another cliffhanger! There is no preview for today, but there is this clip where Ma Ri was so upset that Yoon Jae got married. She asked all the male students to sing 2AM's song (Even If I Die I can't sent you away). The ending is prettty funny so if you guys want to wait, I will upload it soon :) Ep 8 Funny Ending: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
it is more and more obvious that both of guys love her. so, she has nothing to lose....It depends now on who' s she in loved with....
Im having a headache,just a long and winding for da ran and kyung joon to be together.
I have a feeling that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon are brothers that's their connection... Kyung Joon haven't seen his dad and Yoon Jae's dad seems to wrote the book based on his 2 sons...hmmm
I kinda want them to switch already... I want to know if Yoon Jae loves Da Ran. <3
I just hope this is not going where I think is going .... Like a previous comment mentioned it 49 days-ish, that after we seen how Kyung Joon is in love with Dara and maybe just maybe she will have some sort of feeling towards him also , and Kyung Joon "fixing" Yoon Jae's mess he will not wake up ... :'(
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