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I was once in a long distance relationship, and from personal experience, I can attest that it is one of the most difficult things, EVER. I can't really explain how hard it is to keep the romance going, especially when the nature of a relationship is to feel close to someone. These, however, are some tips that I would advise all those looking to take that heroic plunge. It is possible, just fair warning, it is THAT difficult. I hope these tips help :) Pick up the Phone Don’t rely on texts and emails to communicate with your significant other. Communicating over the phone is a more immediate and satisfying way to communicate long distance. Meet Halfway Schedule a time to meet, and split the distance between you and your significant other. Good long distance communication habits are important, but nothing replaces face-to-face interaction. This is absolutely key since absolutely nothing makes a relationship fade faster than forgetting what his/her touch feels like. Use All Methods of Communication Take advantage of all the different technologies that can be used to get in touch with your significant other. Try using video chatting software to connect visually. Technology is a great thing that we should always look to utilize... Don’t Be Jealous Try not to feel jealous if your significant other makes plans with another guy or girl. Showing jealousy implies that you aren’t being faithful when you’re around other men or women, and likewise, showing trust can indicate your loyalty. Plan Activities The physical distance that separates you shouldn’t prevent you and your significant other from having plans and activities. Pick a time to watch a show or movie together and take some time discuss it together afterwards. Try to find activities that you both can participate in remotely. Photo by Sara Kelly
So happy to have found this today!!! Planned a movie night, and hoping some of my worries will go away now :)
@kristenadams i was in a long distance relationship too! It was so difficult I decided never do it again!