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There is nothing better than a first kiss right?! The fluttering before the lips touch, the accidental hand touch, the first time you look into each other's eyes… god it is a perfect combination of nerves that, if everything goes well, make the perfect moment that can last a lifetime. The issue is making that moment go well. A first date should be casual, pleasant, and easy, but unfortunately, a first date can turn into an awkward, nerve-wracking experience very easily. Instead of meeting in a coffee shop or eating in a restaurant, try something new on your next first date. It might prove the difference between that magical first kiss and wondering how this could get more awkward. Here are some simple suggestions :) Go For a Walk Even for someone with confidence, a first date can cause a lot of anxiety (sure has for me and everyone I know). Working to fill the air with conversation and worrying about what to say next are often in the back of each person’s mind. And sitting face to face at a table or booth only makes that awkwardness worse. Taking a walk or short hike with your date will eliminate these fears and anxieties. A casual walk eases the need to maintain a constant conversation, and getting outside and moving around gives you and your date a pleasant activity to fill the space in your conversation. Take a Day Trip If you and your date are comfortable enough with one another, then you should consider taking a short trip together. Some destination possibilities include outdoor markets, local farms, parks, or yard/estate sales. Make a simple plan for your afternoon, and turn your time together into a small adventure while trekking from place to place. You two will certainly bond during the experience, and you are sure to create unforgettable memories. Pack a Picnic Packing a picnic and enjoying your meal in a nearby park, or another scenic locale, is a simple way to make your date unique and special. Take the uniqueness of this date to the next level by shopping for your picnic foods at a specialty grocer or ordering takeout from your date’s favorite restaurant. I hope that these help. If you do try one of these things, or have experienced any of these on a first date, let us know how it went!!
Isn't that a recipe for disaster @kristenadams? Shouldn't friends be totally separate from potential dates
@joebiden it would be fine if this is ur first date with a possible long time friend no?
First date short trip? No way
@cuzurfree @lauraaj u r welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy these tips!!
@kristenadams they sound like lovely ideas for those nerve wrecking 1st dates, although I hope to not have too many :) Thanks!
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