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Whether you live in the cold or not, there is always a need to keep a fashionable wardrobe of warm clothes. You never know when you will need, especially with the way the weather changes these days. Cold/chilly weather can make anyone want to hibernate with a cup of hot cocoa at home, unless you have the right look to keep you warm, chic, and gorgeous no matter how frightening the weather. Here are some 5 hot fashionable tips to keep warm: --> The Snood For those who need a break from the hassle of tying and styling a scarf, the snood provides a hip and warm alternative. Snoods can be found in a variety of fabrics and designs to accommodate any climate and style. --> The Black and White Clutch Celebrities, designers, and models alike have brought this elegant and simplistic accessory into style during winter 2014. Various patters, from fine check to large stripe, can be found. --> Over-the-Knee Boot After hitting the runway in Fall 2013, over-the-knee boots have taken off as a major trend in 2014 winter fashion. --> Houndstooth Jacket Over late 2013 and into Winter 2014, houndstooth has become an enormously on-trend fabric design – making appearances in collections from Gucci, Dolce & Gabana, and Rachel Zoe. A houndstooth jacket is an easy and versatile way to work this current trend into your existing wardrobe. --> Mirrored Leather Bag Mirrored leather began as an emerging trend in 2013, but now the material is even more in vogue. Instead of paying a premium for a garment made from mirrored leather, go for a mirrored leather bag to get in on the trend without going broke. images by: bluefly -> farfetch -> ColeHaan -> Saks Fifth Avenue -> TopShop ->