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Usage of Technology in Payroll & Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking is one of the important tasks in managing an organization. From tracking the employees in & out times & adjusting payroll according to the work, it plays a pivotal role.

An attendance tracking system like Keka HR which leads the way in this aspect in the HR industry is what you all need right now.

In the olden days, employers used to take in & out the time of employee by noting down in a book, it was quite effective at that time, as there was no other option. But as time goes on, they are various improvements in tracking attendance, from RFID tag sensors to fingerprints to face access, a lot has been changed.

Needless to say, HRMS software will be the central point of all these changes. Most of the organizations are in search of a Human resource management system that can also handle attendance tracking.

This is where Keka HR shines with robust attendance tracking with bio-metric integration. Keka is the only cloud attendance software that provides real-time tracking from 200+ devices. GPS support to punch in remotely is what makes it stands apart & in the present situation of the coronavirus, this is one such important feature in an HRMS Software.

You can define rules for attendance, tracking, weekly off’s for different departments & also a different set of tracking policies for different groups. Also, an easy to use dashboard for employees to track their time spent at the office, leaves, gross hours, effective hours & more.

The end to end automation of attendance & time tracking will give HR the time-saving option to these things on automation & focus on much more important things.

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