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What need to know before couple looking for women?

As a couple looking for women, there are a lot of things that you should know before getting into the act. Threesome is a very delicate thing that requires adequate preparation psychologically and settings boundaries on what can be done and what not to do during the sex sessions. Here are things some of the things couple looking for women should know.
The threesome will not fix your relationship.

You might be going through the most challenging time in your love life, and you are thinking by doing a threesome will save your love life. This is not the case; the only thing you have to do is to see a couple of therapists.
Set boundaries for sex act
This is another sensitive issue that needs to be dealt exhaustively, and all parties adhere to. Some partners will set a no penetration rule while others will like a watch but do not touch kind of philosophy. It is hood as a couple Looking for women to way through all possible sexual scenarios so as to know to want exactly can be done during a sex act. You can have open discussions to decide what is acceptable and the limits.
Sate your fears
When bringing a third person to your love life communication is very important. Both of you must be skilled in talking about the delicate topic.
Be safe
Before you bring in another woman to your bedroom, talk about the birth control with your partner, this is important so that you don’t bring in another child out of wedlock due to your threesome experience. Make sure your boyfriend puts on a condom. Another thing you need to check-in is the health status of everyone involved. Make sure all of you have a clean health bill.
These are some of the things women looking for threesome needs to be aware of