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Don't you want to go to "The 3rd K-POP Awards," held by GAON chart, to see your favorite idols in person? The K-POP Awards will be held on Feb. 12 in the Seoul Gymnastics Olympic Stadium with EXO, Girls' Generation, Sistar, Girl's Day among the many scheduled to be in attendance. Vinglers who want to participate in broadcasting the whole event live need only apply! Vinglers who apply will broadcast the entire event live on Vingle, with 2 especially lucky Vinglers even being allowed to enter the red carpet and press zones to take their idols' pictures up-close! Furthermore, to these Vinglers, the Vingle team will also send special "Vingle app with the mobile writing feature" invitations so that they can share their experience live with the entire Vingle Kpop community! * Prizes - 2 Vinglers will receive 'K-POP Awards' tickets and exclusive passes to the red carpet and press zones.(1 ticket per 1 applicant) - 4 Vinglers will receive 'K-POP Awards' tickets. (2 tickets per 1 applicant) - Winners will receive special invitations to use Vingle's Mobile App with the mobile writing feature * Attention - Pass to the red carpet and press zones allow you to take photos alongside professional media journalists, but it will not be allowed to interview the idols. - Winners must post Vingle cards on the Awards as the event is happening live. * Details - Apply before Feb. 9 - We will announce the result Feb. 10 - Winners are expected to post live using Vingle's newly released mobile writing feature - Apply at: * Refer - The 3rd Gaon K-pop Awards (
Thank you all for applying to broadcast live from the Gaon Charts Kpop awards! The application period is official closed. We will update soon with the results :)
Oooh all guys I like c.n blue. my upright man LSG and GIVE.Dragon
Yay, finished applying, sharing and clipping! Good luck, everyone!!
@ZitlalitRodrigu It's press zone, once-in-a-lifetime chance! I'm gonna fly to Seoul if I get the ticket!!
I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!
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