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Drama producers have been left smacking their lips in disappointment as Kim Soo Hyun recently stated that he would be concentrating on the big screen for the remainder of the year. Kim Soo Hyun became an attractive casting option after he made it big with his role in MBC’s The Sun and the Moon, and has also been rising in rank as a hallyu star. Male actors in their mid-20s are especially becoming hard to come by, making the drama industry all the more bent on getting Kim Soo Hyun on cast. One drama official said, “Because new stars such as Lee Je Hoon or Lee Jong Hyuk have been announcing their enlistment, male actors in their mid, late-20s have become rare. Kim Soo Hyun is the biggest star of them all, but we’re sorry that he’s said he doesn’t plan to appear in any dramas in the latter half of the year.” A rep from Kim Soo Hyun’s agency Key East Entertainment confirmed the plans, stating, “From fall to November, [Kim Soo Hyun] needs to concentrate on his film Be Covert, Be Great. From July to August he’ll have schedules related to the London Olympics, commercial shoots and promotions for his film The Thieves, so he has to get through that hard core schedule. His year is already packed with plans.” Fans will at least be able to catch Kim Soo Hyun on TV through a variety show. The actor will be appearing as a guest on SBS’ Running Man. On June 25, he appeared at Nanji Camp for the show. Many sightings made their way onto the web, and an official from Running Man let it slip that he would indeed be making an appearance. Kim Soo Hyun will be appearing in Running Man to promote The Thieves, marking his first variety appearance in four years. The Thieves will premiere on July 25. vote kim soo hyun.. :D source:
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