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3 Classic Films That Went From Flop to Famous

Some things do get better with time. This is no different for movies. Have you ever had a movie that the first time you saw it, you felt like it was a complete dud? Then the second time you see it, of course by chance, it suddenly became a completely different experience? Well if you have had that feeling, it is because we all have. Here are some Hollywood's extreme classic that were considered no-so-hot hits when they first premiered. “The Wizard of Oz” This famous film was actually a failure at the box office. “The Wizard of Oz” came and went in the context of popular culture, only to be revived decades later. It took a full 20 years after its release for the film to get the public’s attention and turn a profit. “Gone With the Wind” When this famous film premiered, it was only shown as a travelling road show, and the ticket cost was upwards of $1, a very high price for the time that only allowed the wealthiest viewers to see the film. It took several years for the masses to come around to “Gone With the Wind.” “Citizen Kane” This classic film by Orson Welles is shown in film classes around the world as an example of exceptionally produced cinema, but it was far from a hit when it first came into theaters. Due to its controversial nature, many theaters refused to play “Citizen Kane,” and the film actually lost over $150,000 during its first run.
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woah! I didn't know about that---I guess the Wizard of Oz might have been a hard sell, but its such a classic now. Cool :)
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