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3 Benefits of L-Lysine & How to Use It

What are the benefits of L-lysine? L-lysine is an amino acid, meaning the body uses it to make proteins. Naturally, lysine helps provide protein structure, support muscle mass and heal wounds. Lysine is mostly found in the muscles and helps promote healthy tissue function, growth and immune system function.
But what about as a dietary supplement? As an oral supplement, L-lysine may be able to mimic these processes, producing energy for exercise performance and healing and protecting the body from damage. It may also help prevent infections and benefit mental health.
If you’ve been looking for a way to naturally reduce stress or if you simply want to amp up your performance in the gym, L-lysine powder may be the right supplement for you. However, there is no research that definitively proves the benefits of lysine as a supplement. You should consult a doctor before taking it, as its benefits and side effects may vary per person.

What is L-Lysine HCL?

If you’ve heard of lysine, you might have also heard of L-lysine, making it a bit confusing to differentiate between the two. So, what is the difference between lysine and L-lysine? L-lysine is a form of lysine that the body uses in protein synthesis, the process that makes proteins. Lysine fermentation was first conducted in the 1950s by Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd. Lysine is one of the nine essential amino acids, which makes it a key element in a healthy diet.
What are Amino Acids?
Amino acids are organic compounds that combine in the body to create proteins that we need to lead healthy lives. There are two categories of amino acids: essential and nonessential amino acids. Nonessential amino acids are made by our bodies. Essential amino acids are not made in our bodies, so we must get them via food sources or from supplements.
Lysine is an essential amino acid, so we must get it from food. You can find L-lysine in several foods including:
Parmesan cheese
Grass-fed chicken and turkey
Organic eggs
Green and red peppers

What are the Benefits of L-Lysine?

So you’ve heard the origins of L-lysine, but what is L-lysine used for and what does it do? Research suggests that L-lysine may have a number of potential benefits to bring to the body.
We reached out to Lisa Richards, a certified nutritionist, for insight. Richards has been featured in publications including Today, US News, Women’s Health Magazine and Huffington Post. Richards is also the creator of The Candida Diet, a site that stresses the importance of a low-sugar, anti-inflammatory diet.
Exercise & Athletic Performance
Lysine supplements may play an important role in building and maintaining muscle tissue, making it popular among athletes. When the body doesn’t receive enough L-lysine, it shows. Richards states, “Low levels of lysine within the muscles has been connected with a decrease in muscle strength and structure. Increased structure allows for better overall performance.”
Low lysine levels over an extended period of time can potentially slow down protein synthesis. This process is a pertinent part of helping the body rebuild muscle, especially after extensive or strenuous workouts. 
Carnitine Production
Lysine also works with other natural amino acids to support muscle mass and strength—arginine and carnitine. According to Richards, “the body uses amino acids to produce many other essential compounds. This is the same for lysine and carnitine. The body can produce carnitine when it recognizes a decrease, by using lysine in conjunction with vitamin C [which] acts as a sort of catalyst for the process.”
What is Carnitine?
Carnitine is derived from amino acids and is found in skeletal and cardiac muscle. It plays a natural role in energy production, converting fatty acids into energy. L-carnitine is produced in the body from amino acids lysine and methionine. It can also be found in animal products like meat or fish. It is popular and well known for its ability to convert fat into energy.
Lysine supplements may also help speed up the recovery time for athletes or people struggling with exercise-related injuries. If you’re looking to keep your muscles in their best possible condition and you’re additionally looking to improve your athletic performance, L-lysine may be the right supplement for you.
Another one of the many benefits of L-lysine is that it produces collagen, which makes up skin, hair, bones, cartilage, teeth, blood vessels and organs. Collagen is a structural protein, so it plays a natural role in building connective tissue and healing wounds. L-lysine supplements may produce similar benefits. Richards points out that amino acids acids are necessary for muscle and tissue and “build up at the site of a wound. This [buildup] speeds recovery time and wound healing. It is necessary for collagen and binds to the wound site to prevent further damage to other cells.”
Lysine does not, however, produce collagen solely on its own. It needs calcium in order to do it. Calcium is essential for collagen production in the body. When L-lysine and calcium combine, they help produce the collagen the body needs to repair itself structurally. Research suggests that because of this relationship, nutrition may play a role in how the body heals and how it looks physically. For example, there are studies between nutrition and hair loss, since hair is made from collagen.
Cold Sore Treatment
Research also states that lysine may have the potential to treat cold sores. Cold sores are very common and they usually appear on the lip or around the mouth. They can cause burning, itching, irritation and—potentially worst of all—they can cause self-consciousness. Cold sores are the result of variants of the herpes simplex virus, which can lie dormant in the body—stored in the spine—sometimes without causing any symptoms at all until something triggers them.
Luckily, L-lysine supplements may step in to save the day. Lysine may potentially prevent the virus from reacting and spreading symptoms throughout the body. Some studies suggest that lysine may also block arginine, which may play a role in how the virus multiplies. In a study on 26 people prone to recurring cold sores, researchers suggested that a daily dosage of 1,000 mg may have reduced the subjects’ cold sores.
Even though research may support the benefits of L-lysine, there are no studies that completely prove its efficacy. It may not completely cure or prevent any symptom, illness or disease on its own. So it’s important to consult a doctor before you take this supplement.

How Much L-Lysine HCl to Take

L-lysine HCl powder comes in several different forms—powder and capsules. If you are taking the capsule form, the recommended dosage is one capsule per day. If you are taking L-lysine powder, take 680 mg two times a day.

Make sure to consult a doctor before adding L-lysine to your health regimen to make sure the supplement is right for you. Individual needs may vary, as well as the side effects.

Possible Side Effects of L-Lysine HCL Supplements

Overall, experts deem lysine safe for people to use orally. However, there are possible side effects that L-lysine supplementation may have on the body. Because L-lysine is an amino acid and closely related to proteins, if it is taken excessively, it may cause gastrointestinal issues or complications with digestion. It is important to follow the recommended dosage that your doctor provides. Side effects of l-lysine supplementation include:
Warnings & Precautions
If you suffer from kidney disease, liver damage, digestive issues, osteoporosis or if you have an intolerance to lysinuric protein, refrain from taking lysine supplements. It may cause serious health complications.
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
You should not take lysine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. There are not enough studies to determine whether it is safe for pregnancy, so avoid it to be safe.

Where to Buy L-Lysine HCL Supplements 

You can purchase L-lysine HCL at BulkSupplements.com in both powder and capsule form. The company is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor for pure dietary supplements. BulkSupplements.com is not just a consumer brand. It also supplies pure ingredients to other brands that distribute food and other supplement products. All products at BulkSupplements.com are manufactured and tested according to current and proper manufacturing practices.
Are you interested in trying L-lysine HCL to help with exercise performance, wound healing and potentially supporting connective tissue? Contact BulkSupplements.com to place an order today.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking for a healthy way to spice up your athletic performance or your overall health , lysine supplementation may be the right choice for you. The body naturally uses lysine for protein synthesis. It plays a role in producing collagen—a structural protein—and carnitine, a protein stored in the skeletal and cardiac muscles. It’s an important amino acid in the body but as a supplement, L-lysine may provide similar benefits. The supplement may be able to support exercise performance, heal wounds and support connective tissue.
Make sure you consult a doctor before taking this supplement to make sure it is the right one for you. While lysine has an array of health benefits, it may also cause side effects. Overall, lysine is deemed safe and could help you meet the health goals you’ve been looking to achieve.
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5 Ways to Make The Most of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments all over the world. The combination of experienced practitioners and cutting-edge technology can provide you with the best hair removal results for the various treatment areas. Here's how you can make sure you get the best results. 1. Begin with a consultation. During the consultation, you will meet with a dermatologist who will review your medical history, discuss treatment goals, explain how the treatment works, discuss the type of results the client can expect, and determine if the client is a good candidate for treatment. Consultations typically last 20-30 minutes. 2. Plan ahead of time Your dermatologist will advise you to shave the treatment areas before your laser hair removal appointment. Prior to treatment, do not wax any of the treated areas. Hair is removed from the follicle by waxing. The hair follicles in the treated areas must be intact for laser hair removal to work. The pigment required by the laser for hair removal is found in the hair follicle. If the hair follicle is not present, the laser will burn the skin rather than remove hair. If your underarms are one of the areas to be treated, we recommend that you do not wear any deodorant. 3. Set realistic expectations  Although laser hair removal can permanently reduce body hair, there is no scientific evidence that it can permanently remove ALL body hair. There is no such thing as permanent hair removal. Clients should not expect to be completely hair-free after laser hair removal. This is why the FDA refers to laser hair removal results as "permanent hair reduction." We have, however, seen incredible results where the hair is almost completely gone. The majority of you will notice a significant reduction in body hair. Hair that grows back after each session is sparse, fine, and lighter in colour. Laser hair removal reduces the amount of shaving you'll need to do in the future while also reducing the amount and thickness of the hair that grows back. After completing a full series of laser hair removal treatments, you will typically require one or two maintenance sessions per year to maintain results. 4. The Importance of Timing When the skin is least exposed to the sun, the best time of year to get laser hair removal is in the winter. For the majority of our patients, this occurs in the fall. Many factors will influence the best time of year for treatment. First and foremost, consider the client's lifestyle. Does the client spend a lot of time outside with their skin exposed? Second, it will be determined by how tanned a client's skin is. The more dark the skin, the less energy the laser can use for a safe and effective treatment. With the laser's energy decreasing, more sessions will be required to achieve the desired results for a client. Another factor to consider is the body part being treated. Laser hair removal on the face typically requires one session every 6 weeks to achieve the desired results. This treatment series can be finished in the fall/winter season. Laser hair removal in the neck to tummy area typically requires one session every 8 to 10 weeks to achieve the desired results. Laser hair removal on areas below the tummy usually requires one session every 15 weeks to achieve the desired results. It may take more than a year to achieve the desired results with laser hair removal on the lower leg area. It is important to note that the further away the body area is from the face and heart, the longer the healing time and the hair growth cycle takes. This makes receiving laser hair removal treatments more difficult during the summer months. The skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight for the best laser hair removal results. This is why, unless they don't mind staying indoors and covered up, most clients don't get laser hair removal in the summer. 5. Book Your Appointments Ahead Of Time Depending on the area being treated and the stage of hair growth, it may take several laser hair removal sessions to weaken the hair follicle enough that it does not grow back. A dermatologist may recommend that you come in for treatment once every 8 to 15 weeks to achieve the desired results, depending on the area of the body being treated. It's a good idea to pre-book all of their laser hair removal sessions and get them on their calendar at the start of your treatment plan. This not only ensures that you get your preferred appointment times, but it also helps you stay on track with their treatments and reduces the likelihood of missing a session. If you go too long between treatments and miss a laser hair removal session, you risk falling out of the hair growth cycle and needing more sessions.
5 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Naturally
Our life today is full of poor lifestyle choices, besides that we also deal with a lot of pollutants, toxins and dirt in our environment. All this together leads to unwanted acne breakouts. Acne affects millions of women, men and teenagers across the globe. It is an embarrassing skin condition that occurs when our pores get clogged with dirt, sweat, oil, makeup and dead skin cells. Here are some simple ways to detox your skin and get rid of acne. 1. Steam Your Face Steaming your facial skin is a great way to release trapped sebum from your skin. The key is to steam only for 5 minutes each time and not allow the steam to feel too hot on your skin. Do this twice a week consistently for at least a month to see the difference. 2. Fermented Rice Scrub Grind some rice in the blender and add a capsule of probiotic supplement to it. Top up with some water to make a thick paste and leave it over night. Use this as a face scrub to get rid of black heads, whiteheads and dead skin cells. 3. Fullers Earth Mask Multani mitti or fullers earth absorbs excess oil, soothes irritated skin and calms down inflammation. Make a runny paste of fullers earth with drinking water and apply it on your skin for 15 minutes. You can do this immediately after steaming your skin. Do this only once or twice a week as fullers earth can give you rebound oiliness. 4. Rose Water Hydrosol Roses have an aroma that can calm down stress, Besides this they have several antioxidants that soothe inflammation, brighten up spots and hydrate your skin. Keep a bottle of Rose hydrosol handy and spray several times on your skin to keep dryness and skin irritation at bay. 5. Aloe Vera Moisturizer Blend the pulp of an aloe vera leaf in the blender and add a few drops of Jojoba oil. Use this as a moisturizing leave on face mask in the day time or at night. Note: These remedies will help you calm down acne breakouts, reduce oiliness and soothe irritated skin. Do consult your Dermatologist for a diagnosis and medical acne treatment if the problem persists.
Why Do I Have Acne?
Acne is a skin condition that affects the oil glands and hair follicles. The pores in your skin are linked to glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. The glands and your pores are linked by a canal called the follicle, which contains thin hair that grows to the skin's surface. When sebum and dead skin cells combine, they form a plug in the follicle. The bacteria in the plug causes inflammation, which results in red inflamed acne and furthermore, acne scars What is the underlying cause of acne? Despite the fact that the exact cause of acne has yet to be determined. However, there are some things that can cause or worsen acne, such as: 1. Hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy can all cause acne. 2. Squeezing or picking at existing pimples 3. Excessive cleaning or scrubbing of the skin 4. Weather with high humidity 5. When you use excessive amounts of cosmetics or experiment with them, as well as harmful hair products and oil-based products such as sunscreen. 6. Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids for body building. 7. Acne on the forehead is linked to dandruff in the hair. What are the signs and symptoms of acne? Everyone is unique, and so are their symptoms. As a result, different symptoms indicate different types of acne. As an example: 1. If you have blackheads, they are open, clogged pores on the surface of your skin. 2. If you have whiteheads, they are plugged pores close to the skin's surface. 3. If you have papules, these are small, tender red/pink bumps on your skin. 4. Pustules are papules with pus on top if you have them. 5. If you have nodules, which are large, painful lumps deep beneath the skin's surface, 6. If you have cysts, they can be painful, pus-filled lumps located beneath the skin's surface. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that can affect anyone, regardless of age. It is unquestionably a difficult condition to prevent and even more difficult to treat. Certain natural remedies, such as stress control and weight loss help tremendously. If you are suffering from acne do consider discussing it with your dermatologist. Medical science has advanced a lot in treating even the most severe forms of acne such as cystic acne and hormonal acne. You no longer need to suffer alone.
Methods To Burn Lower Extra Belly Fat
A 2010 examine identified that people on a diet who obtained a total night's sleep at night misplaced greater than twice the volume excess fat as sleeping-deprived people on a diet. Practically all people on a diet get back excess weight over the long expression. Preliminary of most, your lean muscle might be totally turned on, permitting you to acquire free of much more calories. One concept in relation to recovering decreased several lbs is individuals who decrease the amount of calories they ingest to get thinner experience a decline within the rate their own body burn up calories. Trimtone activates fat loss by exercising the conversion process of fat into endurance within around the complete body, an operation generally typically known as thermogenesis. Technological study has hypothesized that chromium pills improve lean muscles as well as promote fat reduction, having said that examine benefits happen to become equivocal . Just how Quick Can I Reduce weight? Metabolic issue is generally a cluster of conditions, for example hypertension, hyperglycemia, excessive belly fat, as well as irregular bad cholesterol or triglyceride levels. Plus, they lower insulin as well as cortisol, the bodily hormones that stimulate your figure to hold on to belly excess fat. Ultimately, with Lean belly 3X’s features, one will delight in basic well-being furthermore to health and wellbeing. Based on the internet consumer records, much more individuals are getting outcomes with Lean belly 3X. When you start durability training, genuine wizardry genuinely commences to happen. If you are certainly not getting satisfactory healthy proteins, and in addition not level of resistance training frequently, truly prohibitive diet programs may result in you to start burning a lot more lean muscle for energy instead of fat . "Cardio exercise burns by far the most calories, so it is ideal for fast bodyweight reduction, nonetheless afterwards you need to incorporate a handful of hours every few days of bodyweight training," he states. There're 3 primary goods that you need to end if you would would rather burn up body fat and in addition get a firmer body. Below I have offered the particular brand names also as brands inside the lawful fat burners that you feel will support individuals lessen body fat the fastest. If you are somebody that's looking to get a method to lose fat and strengthen your lean muscle, then I will likely be suggest introducing L-Carnitine for that exercises and eating plan plan. Look at on for 11 possible objectives the precise secret objective why your belly body fat is not going to budge. People that experience from sleep at night deprivation possess a inclination to get more body weight - which includes visceral belly extra fat. Also as reducing belly body fat, getting among 7 furthermore Lean Belly 3X Supplement Reviews to 8 hrs of rest every evening is capable of minimize tension and enhance mood, cognition, in addition to heart wellbeing.
Tips to boost Immunity
Your immunity booster system is your body’s defense system which consists of two components i.e. the innate system you are born with and the adaptive immune system. Both components work together to keep our body healthy. Your immune system works as a powerful weapon against infections. Here are some tips you can consider to boost immunity: Eat Balanced Meal For Immunity Booster The food we eat is an important component for your overall health & immunity booster. We should be focusing on all macro nutrients such as Carbohydrate, Protein and Fats with all the essential minerals and vitamins. With the consumption of a healthy diet and nutrients one should incorporate some specific foods that can help boost immunity. Include foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, etc. Even incorporating garlic into your daily diet has been shown to immunity booster.  Stay Hydrated for immunity booster To stay hydrated drink a minimum 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Drinking enough water will help you to flush out all the toxins from your body and helps to lower the chances of flu. One can also include coconut water, buttermilk and juices to beat the heat Stay Active A balanced diet should always be followed by an active lifestyle. It is recommended to exercise at least for 30 to 45 minutes a day, depending on the goal, body type, age,etc. Regular exercise will help you improve your metabolism and improve your immune system.  Sleep Well Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep which will help you to boost immunity. If you get less sleep it will leave you tired and it will also hamper your brain activity. It will also impair the functioning of the body which may impact on your immune system. Supplements to Boost Immunity Here are few common supplements that will work as immunity booster. Vitamin C – Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps protect against free radical damage and also helps to prevent common cold. Vitamin C has also shown to improve symptoms in patients with severe infections. Curcumin – Curcumin is the main active compound in turmeric. Studies have shown that curcumin helps to improve the immune system as it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha helps to improve the body’s defense against all infection by improving the immunity. It also helps to protect against damage caused by free radicals. The Bottom Line: To boost immunity one should take care of all the above aspects of lifestyle modification. One should consume a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients. Staying hydrated is also an important thing which will help you maintain your immune system. One should stay active at least for 30 to 45 minutes a day to boost immunity. Lastly, sleep cycle plays an important role in the maintenance of the immune system. The supplements one can consider to boost your immune system are listed above. You can consult our expert for the guided approach. http://blog.vitaminhaat.com/recipe/immunity-booster-tips-vitaminhaat/