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Behind the scenes of Gong Yoo’s violent acting has been revealed. There was a ‘violent pushing scene’ of Gong Yoo on the seventh episode of KBS’s Big that aired on June 25. After meeting Seo Yoon Jae(played by Gong Yoo)’s mother, Kang Kyung Joon(played by Gong Yoo) quarreled with Da Ran, and he pushed her against the wall. Daran and other female viewers were excited at the sight of Kyung Joon’s unexpected manliness. Unlike the serious atmosphere in the episode, the still cuts of the shooting displays a friendly atmosphere. Gong Yoo hit the wall but couldn’t help but laugh; Lee Min Jung looked at him and laughed throughout the shooting. The viewers and netizens who watched the seventh episode of Big responded: “The series surely lives up to Hong sisters’ names.” “I always watch it on time because I’m so curious.” “It’d be great if the series aired every day.” The eighth episode of Big, which is creating a stir because of the romance between Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung, will air on June 26 at 9:55 p.m. Source: Xportsnews via
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whatever... he's playing so nice that I'm ready to forgive every single "sin" of this charming gong yoo....excep,t perhaps, hurting his lovely fiancee....