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Recently, actor Lee Je Hoon appeared in a closing ceremony of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival and honored the place on the red carpet. On June 24, Lee was invited to the festival because his movie Introduction to Architecture was selected as a finale movie. He became a part of grand finale receiving numerous spotlights. Introduction to Architecture has put two different ideas of one’s first love and architecture together. Lee played a college freshman Seung Min and portrayed a twenty-year-old young man’s fluttering, painful, and mournful first love. He did a remarkable job featuring various emotions with his eyes, and viewers complimented that his acting skills had viewers more engaged to the movie. Soon, he was dubbed as “the icon of first love.” Also, the movie generated “first love fever” in Korea and attracted 4.1 million moviegoers. The number became a record in the history of Korean melodramatic movie. In addition, this masterpiece was highly evaluated at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival and in Asian movie markets like Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. At the event, Lee appeared on the red carpet in a unique black suit whose collar is patch-worked with velvet and silk. Along with his sophisticated, stylish fashion, his big smile and manners attracted attention from a crowd of fans gathered at the ceremony. On June 24, a press conference for the movie was held and people showed great interest in Lee Je Hoon and Han Ga In. The place was filled with Chinese reporters and netizens which obviously proved the movie’s popularity. The closing ceremony of the festival was broadcast live in real time, and netizens responded with explosive reactions. Lee Je Hoon is now waiting for his another movie Fortune Tellers to be open. His next work is My Pavarotti (temporary title); he plays a high school student who takes vocal lessons in day and works at a bar at night. via