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Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi was recently crowned once again thanks to his special skills. An online community posted pictures of Lee wearing a big happy smile while looking at stretchy cheese. The pictures were taken when Lee shot a new commercial for Pizza Hut. He earned the nickname Cheese King and drew a lot of attention. In the pictures, Lee makes people laugh by making a serious face while trying hard not to break the cheese string. When the cheese was extended so long that he had to stand up, he looked like he had won a gold medal, he was so happy. An official for the commercial says, “Lee was absorbed in extending the cheese and he even forgot that he was shooting a commercial. He stood up on the chair when the cheese string became so long and received hearty cheers from the female staff.” People responded: “Lee would won the gold medal if there was a cheese event at the Olympic.” His serious face is so cute.” “How can the cheese get so long like that?” The new commercial for Pizza Hut will start airing on July 1. Source: Xportsnews via