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Tanner Hambly

Hi Victoria! My real name is Alice, not just Mom. A few years ago, your grandfather wrote me a story about how he met my mother. He wrote it in very explicate detail which was something I didn't understand at the time. After all, I had just turned nineteen and was about to start my sophomore year at the university where he's now a respected professor with a list of publications and books on his Vida. And I had just lost my mother in a traffic accident that nearly took his life, too. So, you'd think he would have used more discreetness in his method of telling the story. But, twenty-three years later, I now understand why he did that and want to pass on to you, my daughter, in the same manner, my story of how I met your father chan-foren

First, a bit about me. I was not always the proper, well-mannered and well-dressed mother that you think I now am. And I wasn't nearly as judgmental as you think, either! I had a typical relationship with my parents throughout most of my childhood. Mother was a real queen in my eyes, both authoritative and loving, until about the age of fourteen. That's about the age when I started reaching puberty and all the emotional changes and uncertainty that goes with it. Along with it came a raging sex drive I was at a loss on how to handle. Instead of first turning to my hero mother for advice and guidance, I did what most girls do, I turned to my best friend for her opinions. That was a mistake. She didn't know either, but she filled me full of bullshit about boys, sex and pregnancy. It was scary stuff to my young teenage mind.

The next year I had a sex education class and a lot of the bullshit information was cleared up. I think my mother had been waiting for me to have that class because she knew it would spark more questions than I would ever have thought of on my own. We had a long conversation about sex, boys, etc. It was more than one conversation that went on sporadically for over the next two and a half years. I came to learn that she was encouraging when it came to my developing sexuality and she laughed when I finally confessed my first experience with Steve, at least I think that was his name the freea dult cam.

Anyway, by the age of eighteen I was on the pill at her insistence and could dress in whatever style of clothing my school's dress code would approve. By then we had moved back to Phoenix, which is always hotter than hell, as Dad had landed a full professorship back in the school where he got his undergraduate degree. We moved into a real nice house in the McCormack Ranch area of North Scottsdale at the beginning of that year and I was going to finish the last few months of my senior year at a new high school with a different dress code. I didn't worry about leaving my old school halfway through my senior year nearly as much as mother did. I had always been the top student there which meant making friends was always difficult. Sure, I missed my few friends, but I wasn't leaving any one special behind. As for the new school dress code, I wasn't worried. I was leaving a cold winter state for a hot winter state, which meant a new wardrobe. I mean, for wear on school days or when out in public. Mom was very strict about that. At home in the evenings, during the weekend or whenever I was away from public view, I could do whatever I felt like, and usually, depending on the weather, I felt like wearing as little as possible. As for school clothes, I usually wore skirts, shorts, a few sun dresses and the like. That was what the other girls in this new school wore and it was my last semester in the public education mill, anyway!

I quickly found that I loved being out in the sun, letting it touch me as much as I could without getting burned. I had my eighteenth birthday in early January just before that last semester started and by the end of that month, I was well on my way to a golden tan not far from the color of a rotisserie chicken. In fact, the only parts of me not tanned were my pussy and the triangles on my tits. By February I had learned that I was about the only girl in my age group that still had white tits and a hairy crotch. I had started tanning my boobs by then and, after Mom came home early one day in February and saw me tanning naked by our backyard pool, I soon had a shaved pussy. That was thanks to Mom who shaved me bald down there and told me to not let my nipples or pussy get burned. "Trust me on this, I learned the hard way!" She admitted.

She extracted a price from me for all of that! I had to swear that I would remain a virgin until I got married just like she did! I got to admit that, knowing how hot and heavy her and Dad got in the sack, I didn't believe her. When I confessed my doubt she just said, "Go ask your father if you think I'm not telling you the truth!" That was something I just never found the courage to do! Obviously, she told Dad about it and that was one of the reasons he wrote the story of how they got together!

So, how did I meet my husband and your father? It wasn't the same way my Mom met my Dad!

I was in my freshman year at the same university my Dad was teaching in and the one advantage that gave me was a social life beyond my wildest expectations. By then my years of forced excellence in study habits and the damn-near-professional academic counseling from both my parents had resulted in a full "free ride" undergraduate program of my choice. That is why I push you so hard on those things. I chose engineering with an emphasis on structural design which turned out to be extremely heavy in mathematics, a subject area I had always excelled in.

I used my first fall semester to get used to the campus routine while living at home. That was okay initially, but I soon realized I was missing out on the true freshman experience that life in the dorms was all about. I discussed that with Mom and Dad, and they said they understood but I think they were a bit upset when I told them I wanted to move out. At the beginning of my first spring semester I decided I would pledge to one of the sororities and move into one of the houses.

Rush week was just that, a real rush to go from one house event to another and I ended up with invitations to four different houses. I wish I could claim those all came because I was a straight A student. I was and had made the dean's list that first semester. Maybe one or two of the invitations came because of that but not all four. One came from a house where I got the weirdest vibe. Another came from a house where two of my recent high school senior year classmates were new members, neither which I liked. That left the Alpha's and the Pi's. I chose the Pi's cause I would rather hear someone call me a "piece of Pi" than "Alpha Alice!" It wasn't until I paid the outrageous pledge fee when I learned of one of their "requirements." They took pride as the house that gave the best blowjobs on the Tempe campus!

I knew I wouldn't have any problem with that requirement. I had had an excellent teacher, my Mom! At sixteen a boy broke up with me and I was devastated. I couldn't understand why. I was developing nicely with 36C boobs that were responsive to his touch and still growing, weighed only 105 pounds on a five-foot five-inch frame, possessed a nice dimpled ass that enjoyed carcasses from his fingers and could kiss him all night if he wanted. But it turned out to be my failure to give him a good blow job that sent him to another girl. When Mom asked what happened between me and John, I broke down and told her the reason I'd been given by his friends. Mom's instruction began almost immediately with another long discussion on the mindset of teenage boys and its direct connection to a part of the male anatomy. "Believe me, Alice, even your father still thinks with his dick!" She said at the conclusion of her sermon. "Just ask him!"

I did, too! He totally agreed and confessed that, "Your mother is a world class expert on the subject!" I thought that was a strange thing to say. I know Mom was a real talented commercial artist with years of work in the movie industry and even had a collection of awards for her work, but "blow job expert" was not one of them. Of course, I hadn't been told about her work for the porn part of that industry. I would learn of that in the weeks that followed. By the night of my Senior Prom she had taught me enough to deep throat an eight-inch cock in my sleep. I'm still not sure who that cock belonged to. I was blindfolded and very drunk at the time, but I suspect its owner was either the horny baseball jock who was my date that night, or maybe one of his friends! I don't know. Oh well, let's just say that I was confident that I would pass that sorority challenge.

The challenge was conducted the evening before Spring Break began. The Pi's had a long-standing tradition of partnering with the Beta's for social events and God knows how many marriages came about because of that. I found out that the Beta's had a privately owned house in Scottsdale and that was where the challenge was held. Of course, being that it was the night before everyone wanted to get to Cancun, or where ever, the challenge started early in the evening with all seven of us pledges acting as models, supervised by our pledge trainer and chapter president, in a "fashion show." The judges were whoever the Beta's appointed as judges which turned out to be their crop of pledges, also supervised by their pledge trainer and chapter president. The judgement categories were Performance, Presentation, Personality and Poise. The "fashion" part of it was each of us modeling what we considered formal wear, casual wear, swim wear and bed-time wear. Then each of us had to demonstrate how to give a blow job to a life-sized dildo in front of the judges. We would be given a ranking between 1 and 7 out of a 10-point overall rating. It confused me bit but I assumed it meant that a bad score on three categories could be outweighed by an excellent blowjob. The pledge with the highest score was to be excused from having to clean the sorority's guest bathroom for the rest of the semester porno bilder seiten

All of us Pi pledges gathered the evening before the challenge to discuss what we were going to model and to determine a distinct theme all our own. That's when we learned that three of the pledges had never given a boy a blowjob and I learned that I was the only one who had done it to more than one boy. I kept that information to myself.

Challenge night began at six thirty in the Beta Chapter Room with a speech by the President of our Pi chapter followed by one from the Beta president, a six-foot-tall and gorgeous looking hunk with wavy brown hair, soft brown eyes and a chiseled jaw-line. His physical size made him an imposing presence with big hands on arms with bulging biceps, a chest with solid boobs nearly as big as an average girls', a flat stomach with a tight ass and muscular legs below a bulging crotch. I could tell all of that from the casual way he was dressed, tight board shorts, a tight tee-shirt and sandals without socks.

The Beta pledge trainer was the next to speak and he was a different guy altogether. He was also good looking but more of an academic type without the big muscles. Blond haired and blue eyed, he was my height and had a smile on his face that showed perfect white teeth. When he spoke to his pledges, I recognized his voice from my communications class. He was one of the professor's graduate assistants. He first called for each of his five pledges to introduce themselves by name then said he and the Beta president would also be voting to balance out the numerical difference between the two pledge classes. None of the other members of the Beta house were allowed in, something I didn't understand at the time but am now grateful for.

Our pledge trainer was the last speaker as she would be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening and she quickly sent us off to one of the Beta bedrooms to get dressed in our formal wear. Inside that bedroom it seemed to be instant confusion and panic as all seven of us scrambled to get into our formal dresses, make-up, etc. The previous night we had discovered that each one of us had a basic black dress and we decided it would be our theme. Mine was a floor length one from the year before that had thin shoulder straps and a square bodice that showed a lot of cleavage. Coupled with my black high heels, it was a good representation, but it wasn't even close to the sexist. Still, I wore it well and it did look better than some. One girl, Suzanne, had a black strapless skin-tight dress with a bare back that was down to the dimples just above the crease of her ass. Audrey wore a minidress without shoulders that put her legs and tits on display. Julie put on a floor length gown that was skintight with a slit all the way to her left hip that clearly showed her lack of panties and another slit on her back that showed a lack of bra support. Those three were my competition, the other three simply weren't. Good girls all and soon to be good friends but not real competition.

Casual dress was next. I chose a floral print pants suit with a bare shoulder wrap-around tie top and wore it braless which showed off my bare stomach and allowed my nipples to noticeably protrude. I didn't wear any panties either. The tightness of the seat of those pants left no doubt about that yet allowed my butt cheeks to wiggle as I walked in front of the judges. I was so close to them that two pledges reached for my ass and squeezed a cheek as I moved past. In return I smiled to each of them and swiped my fingers along their faces as I went back to change into my chosen swimsuit.

My choice was something that I would NEVER wear to a beach, either public or private, and only to a Las Vegas pool party if I was drunk as a skunk! It was a high neckline monokini made of black mesh without lining that was see-thru when wet. It had a thong front that barely covered my pussy. It bared both my hips, had a low G-string back that went up between my ass cheeks only to my hip bones and left the impression when viewed from the back that I was topless. I bought it specially for this night and none of the other girls had anything like it. I pranced around in front of those Beta boys shamelessly and soon realized I really enjoyed it! More hands reached for me, caressing my hips and squeezing my ass in passing as if to see if I was real. Even the Beta pledge trainer coped a feel and their president was rubbing the bulge in his pants. Our president gave the Beta hunk a real hostile glare for that!

It was getting later into the evening with two events left. A hasty conversation between the presidents and our pledge trainers resulted in the instruction to all of us Pi pledges to combine the night wear event with the dildo blow-job demonstration so, while us girls were changing, a card table was brought out and a long flesh-like double-headed dildo was put on it. This was going to be a solo performance with the first girl doing her presentation while the others waited in our dressing room for our turn. After her presentation each girl would not be returning to the dressing rooms but would remain in the room to watch the rest of the performances. Therefore, we had to bag all our stuff before we were individually summoned out.

Daniella was the first to flounce her baby-doll pajamaed self into the chapter room and do her thing. Audrey, decked out in a chiffon knee length semi-transparent gown sans bra, followed her with Nancy going in third wearing loose shorts and a crop-top over her big loose tits. Sarah was fourth and Julie fifth, both wearing tight chest-hugging tee's and bikini briefs of different colors. I had been timing the duration of each "presentation" and, with only Suzanna and myself left, I was feeling the presentations had been less than inspiring. Suzanna's black lace see-through and oh-so short nightie left damn little to the imagination and her time was longer by two full minutes, so I thought she was the one to beat.

Finally, it was my turn. I had on a short, very short, one shoulder bare tunic I had copied, and hand sewn from a Roman Era porn movie I had been exposed to by one of Mom's movie industry friends. She was the actress who wore the original one-piece tunic in the movie and had told me how sexy and turned-on it made her feel. My body measurements were the same as hers and so was my reaction the first time I wore it! The bottom of the tunic went a quarter of the way to my knees and the top was loose enough to let one of my boobs slide out of the top as I walked or bent over. Of course, if I bent over, my pussy would have been on display to anyone behind me, so I didn't intend on doing that during my presentation! I did want to put on a "show" though, so I slow walked into the chapter room in bare feet with my back and shoulders slightly arched, chin up and pelvis proudly forward! My audience was seated boy-girl, boy-girl all around the room with only the Beta pledge trainer sitting alone. I swear, I could smell the sexual tension in that room.

I went slowly passed each pledge, bending slightly to give a quick kiss on a cheek to each male judge and brushing each girl's face with a caressing, teasing hand. One of my boobs slipped out of the tunic at each kiss and, after the second time of covering up, I just ignored my exposed tit and moved to the next judge. Two of my sorority sisters groped my ass as I moved by and one tickled the inside of one of my legs. The last judge, another good-looking guy about my own age, held up a hand as I bent to kiss him, and my hard nipple landed squarely in his palm. Julie, who was beside him, quickly fingered my asshole, too! He managed to pinch that nipple and she got a surprised squeal from me before I moved over to the Beta pledge trainer. I sat on his lap with my arms around his neck, my bare and leaking pussy directly on his crotch and a bare tit pushing against his chin. He was so surprised! He finally got his right arm around me to hold me still as I reached to steady myself on the table by him. However, instead of letting me stand to move over to the Beta president, he gripped my hip hard and kept me on his lap. I looked over at the Beta president and finally realized that his cock was fully out of his shorts and about to enter the mouth of my sorority sister, Susanna. She was on her knees between his legs and seemed totally absorbed in the task at hand. Suddenly curious, I looked for my sorority president and saw that she and my pledge trainer were behind me, locked in an embrace and the president was reaching for that dildo.

"What about the demonstration?" I asked. Everyone except the guy who's lap I was on ignored me. They were all making out in one fashion or another. Sarah was in the process of pealing off her tight tee. She looked like she was shedding a second skin! Then she straddled her chosen partner with her pussy directly on his leg. She began humping him instantly!

"Fuck that! Come with me!" My guy muttered, distracting me and sliding me off his lap. He jumped up and took tight hold of my hand.

"My pleasure!" I replied with a happy smile. I don't think he recognized the double meaning as he quickly pulled me out of the chapter room and down a hallway. He stopped at the first door we came to and quickly opened it. It was a bedroom with two twin beds, neatly made up, and with a Navaho rug in the middle.

I had just enough time to register that much before he had me in a full body embrace and our lips locked. I put both my arms around his neck, pressed my boobs and pelvis against him as I stuck my tongue in his mouth. His hands were busy, sliding from my back down to my hips and on to under my tunic. Both of his hands then slipped up to curve around my ass cheeks and pull them slightly apart. I absolutely felt his cock grow against my stomach and the feeling sent my clit on fire. That reminded me of my promise to Mother.