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Lee Jong Suk will be returning to the small screen as a doctor as he has been confirmed to take on his first medical drama 'Doctor Stranger' (working title)! His agency Wellmade StarM stated on the 5th, "Lee Jong Suk will play the role of Park Hoon on the new SBS Mon-Tues drama 'Doctor Stranger' following 'God's Gift -14 Days'." The actor shared his excitement with fans, commenting, "I am looking forward to it and feel thrilled about acting out the charming character of Park Hoon. As the character has a specialized profession as a surgeon, I am preparing a lot to show a good image to viewers. I am working hard to show more mature acting so please look forward to it." 'Doctor Stranger' will be directed by 'City Hunter' and 'The Sun of My Master's PD Jin Hyuk and will portray the story of a genius North Korean defector, Dr. Park Hoon, who enters Korea's top hospital and adjusts to life as an outsider in his workplace. 'Doctor Stranger' is set to premiere this coming April!
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