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If I didn’t already love Sweet Potato, this is the episode that would’ve done me in. It’s one thing to just pine after the woman you love, but another thing entirely to lead her by the hand and help her be the best version of herself, even if that means encouraging her to follow her heart away from you. One guy drops her off for her date with another man, while the other uses her as a beard to get back at his girlfriend? No contest. Okay, Tae-yoon wins back a few points for admitting that he used her, and sure he doesn’t actually know that she has feelings for him and I don’t expect him to, since she clearly hasn’t known until now either. But the fact that she went with butterflies in her stomach just to end up so deflated—it felt like a punch to the gut, and the way she was so obviously trying to hold it together and play it cool in front of him really made the moment land. Kim So-yeon is so great at this kind of thing—the more she struggled to appear fine, the more it squeezed my insides. It’s interesting how his relationship with Se-ryung really starts to peel back some layers for Tae-yoon, who is pretty much the male version of Joo-yeon (which makes sense given that she molded herself after him in the workplace). He seems so aloof and together on the surface, but he’s clearly a mess of insecurity when it comes to Se-ryung, and now that I’ve seen them as a couple I find myself siding with her. She’s no angel but he’s got a pretty narrow idea of how she should behave, with no flexibility or room for argument. If you seriously distrust her that much, why do you even bother? I don’t disagree that she could change for the better, but I don’t see him changing either, so as far as I’m concerned, she’s the bigger person for at least putting herself out there. Wan just gets better and better with every episode, and it’s so great to see so many dimensions to his relationship with Joo-yeon, from the bratty dongseng to the confidant, to her shoulder to cry on. There’s just an ease and comfort to their relationship, and my heart skips a beat whenever he holds her hand. It’s really his no-calculation style of romance that makes me swoon, because he’s not expecting anything in return. It says so much that he’s able to smile and cheer her on to do whatever her heart asks of her, because he cares more about the fact that she shouldn’t live her life so closed off from everyone. That she’s found one person with whom she can completely be herself with, cry in front of, and admit her greatest failings to—well that just says it all, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s not that she forgot how to cry, but that she didn’t let herself cry because she didn’t have anyone to lean on. by Girl Friday
@MasriDaniela no no I think she will end with him and the boss with red hair girl
@christy yes sis .... yeah his love ....poor guy ....i hope he will not finish broken heart ...
oh I start to watch episode 7 now with my sis@masridaniela