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Slot games stories ( Alex's attempt to work with the game producers )

Alex realized that it would be too risky for his people to continue using this system. Therefore, in a last attempt, he decided to profit from his knowledge. He turned directly to the game producer Aristocrat, whom he was also able to exploit over the years. Hoping for an eight-digit reward, he offered his services to improve the PRNG algorithms and solve all security problems. But at the same time, he also threatened that if Aristocrat did not accept his offer, he would pass on and sell this sensitive information to its competitors. Although Alex has given Aristocrat all the mathematical details about the system's weaknesses, they have refused to dance to his tune.

When Aristocrat declined Alex's offer, he decided one last time to give them another chance and go a little further by threatening to reveal the details of his incredible story. He contacted Brendan Koerner - a man who had already collected some known facts about these events.

Brendan agreed to continue reporting and published another article that contained many new details that came directly from Alex. If that hadn't happened, you wouldn't be able to read about it in my article.

For me it is definitely the best and greatest gambling story of the 21st century. I'm already looking forward to the next chapter and the film version. And hope Hollywood does it justice. Have the popcorn ready.

How big was the whole undertaking and what were the consequences in the end?
There is a lot of evidence that Alex actually managed to successfully implement his strategy on an outdated Aristocrat KM IV slot machine. This also underscores the fact that even Aristocrat now recommends that its customers replace this type of slot machine with newer models. But still thousands of these machines are still installed in many casinos worldwide. However, most casinos will have no problem replacing them if necessary.

Alex claims - and there are some facts that support his claim [4] - that he started deciphering the PRNGs of some old Novomatic slot machines in 2009. However, it is very likely that Novomatic closed this vulnerability in 2011 with an update. The Novomatic patent for "Systems and methods of central random number generation" from 2013 could possibly also be related to this.

Alex also claims that he found loopholes in some Atronic machines.

But Alex's strongest claim is that he found a similar vulnerability to the system in Aristocrat's "Helix" slot machine. "Helix" is one of the newer models from Aristocrat. So if Alex didn't bluff, then Aristocrat faces even bigger problems than expected. Especially if it should not be possible to fix this with a security update or a small chip change. But on the other hand, Aristocrat is such a huge company with annual earnings of around $ 2 billion and a whopping annual profit of $ 500 million. I strongly believe that they will survive this. In the worst case, you have to live with a large-scale hardware replacement and loss of image.

However, don't expect it to be fun. Even if Alex decides to release more details about his algorithms, all affected machines will likely be turned off before anyone could have a chance to take advantage of them.

If you want to get rich quickly, get your own Aristocrat terminal and decode the game logic yourself. I bet with you that I could do it with one of my friends - a specialist in microelectronics - if we wanted to. ;-)

Is it a true story or just a modern fairy tale?
There is a lot of indirect evidence that the story Alex described is true. Why then have some of his faithful been arrested and convicted in two different countries if this had not been the case. Novomatic would not have investigated the tampering with their slot machines and would never have rolled out security updates if the incidents were not true.

But don't the slot manufacturers have full professionals in the security departments? How can these huge companies overlook such weaknesses in their systems?
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