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When I quit being so caught up with guys’ height, I realized that my pool of potential dates and boyfriends grew exponentially. Seriously, ladies, there are a lot of fantastic guys out there who you might overlook if you don’t forget about height. Don’t let them slip through the cracks. They Let Their Ladies Take Center Stage Everyone knows him, but not many like him. He’s the big, tough guy. Lots of girls talk about him, but he can’t seem to keep a girlfriend. The fact that he likes being the center of attention doesn’t help his romantic endeavors. Short guys are totally different. They won’t flaunt themselves over their ladies. Instead of focusing on their own looks and who is giving them attention, they are fine to sit back and admire their significant other, letting her take the lead. Your Neck Will Thank You Tall guys might look nice, but what girls don’t realize is how strenuous it is to love on them. From standing on your tiptoes for a kiss to the hassle of hugging a partner with mismatched height, tall guys can be tiring. Loving on a guy who makes your body feel like a mismatched puzzle piece is no fun. With a short guy, your hugs and kisses will be easy and comfortable, and your bodies will match up like they were made for each other. I Love Their Confidence Short guys have never had it easy. From a young age, most of them learn that they aren’t going to glide through life on their looks alone. As a result, they usually grow up to be interesting, confident men, unlike the typical tough guy. They’re Strong As a law of nature, shorter men tend to be built stronger. Of two men of the same weight, with one being taller and the other being shorter, the shorter man will most likely be more muscular – a trait that most girls love. Some studies have even shown that shorter men tend to live longer and contract fewer diseases. image:
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