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Handmade clothes and jewelry have become a big part of modern fashion with retail sites like Etsy and Artfire. I love the raw, authentic look of handmade fashion, especially handmade jewelry. Plus, if you’re extra picky, like I am, there is a huge selection of handmade pieces to choose from. Finding exactly what you want just got a lot easier, and some vendors will even make custom pieces! On the flip side, you can put your eye for style to the test by opening a shop of your own. Setting up an Etsy storefront is easy and free, and you can show off your creativity to a whole world of shoppers. My favorite part of the handmade movement is knowing that each piece I buy is unique, and there will never be another piece quite like it. Another great thing about handmade is that there is a massive catalog of beautiful jewelry at a wide range of prices. You don’t have to be limited to the top shelf to get something special. Here are a few of my favorites.
@onesmile yes it has... been spending a lot of time on the site since you told me about it and have a lot of items on my wishlist hehe
@gabyrich oh no!! it has begun!!
@gabyrich trust me you should avoid it!!!
@onesmile too late. I was browsing through the site this weekend and bought a lovely ring for my daughter and me
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