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More details on CNBLUE's comeback this month have been revealed including confirmation that Yonghwa's self-composed song will be the title track and that the boys will have their own comeback show airing on SBS! FNC Entertainment stated on the 6th, "This album consists of the members' self-created songs. Leader Yonghwa's [self-created] track has been confirmed to be the title track and CNBLUE will showcase their color." The agency also revealed that the talented boys will get their very own comeback show aired on SBS, which shows just how recognized this idol band has become as not every group gets this privilege. "It's true CNBLUE is having an exclusive comeback show with SBS. It'll be recorded towards the end of February and will air in March." The boys are planning to perform completely live during the comeback show recording to showcase not only their new album tracks but their previous hits as well. So keep your eyes out for more information coming regarding their return!