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Who doesn't need to be smarter? But outside of reading books, are there any ways for us to naturally get smarter? It seems that there are natural ways to speed up our brain, and let us learn in a more effective manner. Here are some tips that will naturally put your brain into overdrive. Always be Learning The best way to maintain your brain is to challenge it. When you learn new things, your brain blazes new neural pathways and produces special hormones, producing feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. No matter your profession, staying sharp by continuing your education will pay off in the long run. Banish Stress Stress is one of the biggest threats to brain health. When you’re stressed, your brain is causing your body to secrete more cortisol and other stress hormones, creating a vicious cycle. Don’t give in to the stress cycle. Stop it before it starts by stepping back and analyzing each potentially stressful situation before losing your cool. Usually, you will be able to see that the potential stressor isn’t as bad as you thought, and you are able to both avoid additional stress and solve your problem more easily. Choose Snacks Wisely Think twice before you pick up a snack laden with sugar and carbohydrates. These nutrients are broken down into sugar at a rapid pace inside your body, and they will only cause a brief boost with a prolonged crash. Stick with snacks that are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Get Active Your brain health will reflect your physical health. If you are sedentary and out of shape, you may find that your mind is sluggish, groggy, and clouded. Even just a small amount of exercise every day will go a long way toward boosting your brain health. Aerobic exercises are especially helpful, because they increase oxygen circulation to the brain and other organs. Try setting aside half an hour every day to be active; your brain-game will benefit. Play Games Well, not all games will have the same brain benefits, so don’t use brain health as an excuse to go on a 12-hour Xbox binge. Strategy and puzzle games like Sudoku, Chinese Checkers, and Solitaire are the best choices for improving memory and mental sharpness. There are also dozens of websites that provide games, both free and paid, that are purported give your brain a boost.
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I like the old tried and true method of reading books, but I'll look into replacing fruit by the foot with an apple