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It’s pretty unanimous among Soompi viewers that this episode rocked, was daebak, was awesome, etc. Because with 5 more episodes left, Min Joon has finally allowed his alien heart to be as vulnerable as Song Yi’s. Maybe his jealousy (which hilariously played out through his mental delusions) was the push he needed to unabashedly admit his feelings for her :) It’s easy to get lost in all the spazzing and forget how this kiss might affect Min Joon physically, since the last time he kissed her this passionately, he became deathly ill. We’ll see what happens … in the meantime, there’s a whole week to revel in the cliffhanger! :)
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I was laughing so hard during this scene hahahahahaha especially the part where he talked to the illusion LOL don't you think his breakdown was worse than Song Yi's ??