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7 Things to Avoid When Hiring a .Net Development Company

Hiring a dot net development company is a long process, especially if you are looking for the best. As you start your quest, you will notice that a good software development team is hard to find. If you are in search of a development company, then here are 5 things you should avoid during the process.

1. Only concentrating on technical ability

Programmers from a good .net development company know how to code, but that is not sufficient, you need a team of great programmers, who can do much more. You need to associate with a team that makes decisions effectively, communicates properly and most importantly knows the market trends.

Transparent communication should be a priority, especially if you don't have an inhouse skilled programmer. You must ensure to get a dedicated project manager, who can clearly explain to you what it is that they are working on.

2. Hiring without explaining the scope of the project

Before outsourcing your development project to a dot net application development company, you must ensure that the company has got complete clarity on your requirements and expected deliverables, expected timeline and overall scope of the project to avoid misalignment on the project vision. Without resolving these issues, never start working with a software development company as without a clear project vision, they will continue working in silos and the gap between your expectations and the actual deliverables will only widen up.

To give the right start, it is always better to have a software requirements specification(SRS) document, as it gives the team clear insights into your requirements. If you are a non-tech company, you can use the SRS template to get the documentation process done. Your SRS need not be detailed as the development team will further add detailing on it. In this way, you and the company you are willing to hire can collaboratively build a common plan or establish a shared blueprint before any actual production work begins. This ensures the right start. So, look for a dot net development company that agrees for this pre-work rather than just being interested in getting the project and dive straight to production.

3. Hiring without test projects

It will be the greatest mistake of all if you hire a company without seeing how it actually works. Ask for their detailed portfolio, case studies and references of existing and old clients. Talk to these clients. This will give you a good picture of the company's work habits.

4. Ambiguity of stakeholders

One of the biggest downsides of outsourcing is the lack of project ownership. Have clear words with the dot net company you are partnering with regarding how it employs its developers. It is always better to associate with a company that employs full-time programmers and not on contractual basis. Because a contractual team has less accountability and chances of inconsistency are also high as resources on your project will always be on a back-and-forth mode.

5. Not opting for milestone based payments

You are ready to pay for the services but you must get the value of your money. So, it is better to partner with a development company that agrees to receive payments on the achievement of milestones. Break down the project into distinct milestones and in accordance with its achievement define the payment schedule. This will motivate the development team to achieve deadlines. From your end as well plan regular follow-ups to ensure the timely achieving of the set milestones.

6. Ignoring the maintenance support in the contracts

Even after the successful completion and execution of the project, it will need post-production support. Although the majority of companies do offer some sort of support, without a maintenance support contract, things will remain ambiguous. Thus, having a contract on the place is necessary to clearly state the duration of the support.

7. Not mentioning the rights and clauses

Before finalizing a dot net application development company as your project partner, it is extremely important to document the rights and clauses on legal papers. Some of the key clauses and rights that you must not ignore are:

- Intellectual property rights
- Confidentiality agreement
- Indemnity clauses
- Termination clause

In conclusion

In your search for a reliable and capable .net development firm, you must take care of the points discussed above to ensure that you don't miss any important criteria and have all transparency between you and your partnering development company.
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Top 5 iOS App Development Challenges And How To Overcome Them
Having a functional mobile application has become more of a necessity if businesses want to flourish in a fiercely competitive market. And what better than iOS to get started. It is already among the most popular mobile operating systems, which is not a surprise, given its numerous features such as security, exceptional user experience, high scalability, etc. However, the development process sure is a complex one. With each new version of Apple OS, the process becomes a bit complex and poses a few challenges to the developers. But there are some easy ways to overcome those challenges. Read on: The compatibility issue The compatibility issue often arises with iOS app development. With a number of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, etc, it often becomes difficult to find out the iOS versions that will support the application. Your iOS application needs to be compatible with all the Apple products and OS versions. To avoid this issue, you must test your application using TaaS to identify all the prevailing problems with your app. Leveling up the user interface iOS devices are among the most preferred ones, thanks to their superior UX and brilliant design. But then again, frequent changes in design are likely to affect your app in some way or the other. For example, some people might still be using a relatively small screen. You need to be sure that your app provides an attractive user experience irrespective of the screen size. Evolve your app and keep working to level up the user interface of your app. The network may not always be supportive Network conditions can be a concern for you here in case your app comprises rich media such as videos or live streaming. Find out the speed at which most of the people access the apps and then develop yours accordingly. For example, you might want to restrict the video quality on your app to brace up to the poor network conditions. As a solution, make sure your app passes the test performed by the Network Link Conditioner which can help you with simulation System memory might hold your app back Each iOS device comes with a different memory configuration. An app developed for one version may or may not work well on another. The reason could be low memory and storage, which can also result in your app getting terminated. Another concern may be your app drawing a huge amount of battery, which will, more often than not, result in uninstallation. Luckily for you, Custom iOS app development can help address this challenge very well. Therefore, it is important to optimize your app to make sure it is battery-friendly. And since device memory is an issue, optimizing the app in terms of file size will also help in eliminating such issues. App store approval Not all iOS apps are approved by the Apple app store, especially those that are not developed in compliance with the suggested rules. One simple violation and your app could get rejected. These rules, too, aren’t consistent, which is why you need to keep up with the recent changes in the guidelines and develop your app accordingly. Each OS comes with its own set of challenges. iOS is no different. The app development process might be prone to a few as well, but none of them are powerful enough to undermine the greater good that an iOS app can bring to your business. So, all you need are some simple tactics to overcome them. The aforementioned challenges along with the solutions will help you make sure that the end result is pure brilliance, and the development process, smooth. Need an iOS developer to guide the way? Well, write to us at, and we’ll connect you with one, someone who’s well-versed in custom iOs app development, and knows what it takes to build a powerful business app.
Top Mobile App Development Companies in India
Mobile apps usage is increasing rapidly. The users and enterprises are demanding innovative mobile apps with a modern and unique user interface and user experience. They need apps that are integrated with the latest technologies geo-location recognition & mapping, real-time notifications, data capture, data synchronization, and other technologies. To develop an app, you need an experienced app development company that can provide outstanding services at affordable pricing. If you are startups, large enterprises searching for an Indian app development company, then here is the list of top app development companies in India. Simpalm Simpalm is one of the best app development companies in India providing its outstanding services across the globe. They work for emerging startups, large and mid-sized enterprises having the innovative idea of mobile apps. They fulfill their requirements of user-friendly mobile apps integrated with the latest technologies. They develop apps for all platforms including Android, iOS, and web. They collaborate with their clients to manage the projects, creating an attractive user interface, and technical architecture. They have development offices both in India and in the United States. The clients interact with the development team and the US team works with the offshore development team to develop high-quality apps in the desired time. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2009. Team Size- 30+ Minimum Project Size- $ 10,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Engineerbabu Engineerbabu is an emerging mobile app development based in India. The company was established in 2014. They have served over 100 startups and non-tech entrepreneurs. The development team consists of 65 professional and trusted designers and experienced developers. Their team focuses on developing the apps having out of the box designs. This is the reason they are entrusted by their clients. For their design, they have been awarded as Most innovative Design in Premier Design Awards’. Their products were selected in Y-Combinator in 2016 & 17 and they have received funding from more than 30 companies. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2014 Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 50,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Hyperlink info system Hyperlink info system is a globally recognized app development company. The company was founded in 2011. They have quickly made their name and have become the trusted app development company. Their skilled and experienced team of professionals have created dynamic mobile apps for their clients at affordable pricing. Since their incorporation, they are providing outstanding services. The professional team ensures that the app is fully tested before it is handled to the client. The designer and developers at hyperlink are efficient to develop mobile apps by integrating the latest technologies. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2011. Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 10,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Openxcell Openxcell is the industry-leading mobile, web app development company. They have a head office in India and a development office in the United States. The company was founded in 2008. The company has over 10 years of experience in the field of mobile app development. They are well unknown for their innovative mobile and web solutions. Since the incorporation of the company, they are providing high-end services to their clients. They are one of the trusted app development companies. The company has a main focus on delivering services related to blockchain technology, mobile apps, web and eCommerce apps, Testing and more. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2008. Team Size- 100+ Minimum Project Size- $ 10,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Konstant Info Konstant Info is an award-winning app development company based in India. Since their incorporation in 2003, they are delivering the best-in-class web and app solutions to their clients. Through their outstanding services, they have gained the attention of the supreme brands like NASSCOM, Scholastic, Seconds, Citrix, Rawbank, Nestle and more. They have provided services to over 2500+ clients worldwide and have deployed over 3500+ apps. They develop apps for both the large enterprise as well as startups. The professional team of designers and developers believes in adopting technology trends that change with time. They focus on the development needs of the customers and ensure that their project will be delivered on time. They also make sure that the app can conceptualize your business idea and make it live on the app stores (Android and iOS). Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2003. Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 5,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Magneto IT Solutions Magneto IT Solutions is a globally recognized app development company. Since 2009, they have been providing outstanding services. They have created apps with stunning designs for their clients including Amazon, ESPN, Kotak Mahindra Bank. They work passionately to bring the innovative ideas of their clients in the digital world. They have the main focus on Ecommerce, Mobile apps, Customized web apps, Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2014 Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 50,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Techahead Techhead is a global leader in app development. They have been developing apps from fortune companies to startups. The company was founded in 2009. The company has a proven track record of deploying innovative and scalable apps for their clients. They provide full-services related to app development, such as designing, architecture, development, and maintenance. The clients can focus on their business needs, while the company as a development partner takes care of the technology needs. The company has a development office both in the United States and India. They provide their clients with a valuable plan with high integrity and transparency. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2009 Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 50,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Space-o-technology Space-o-technology is one of the top app development companies in India. The company was founded in 2010 with just two members. Now, they have development offices in India and in the United States. They provide services including mobile app development, software development, Internet of things (IOT), AR & VR app development. In addition to the app development services they also provide the marketing and ongoing maintenance services. The complexity and diversity of the project do not create an impact on their performance. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2010 Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 25,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. Nine-hertz Nine hertz is an emerging mobile and web app development company. They have guided several startups and large enterprises by developing high-quality apps for them. They not only develop apps for their clients but also assist them in identifying the risks and value-creating opportunities both in the short term and long term. The company was founded in 2008 with headquarters in India. Since their incorporation, they are creating remarkable apps for the world's most inventive brands. They have successfully delivered over 1000 both mobile and web apps for the cross as well as native platforms. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2008 Team Size- 50+ Minimum Project Size- $ 5,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour. QBurst QBurst is a mobile and web app development and consulting company. They have development offices in India and in the United States. The company has more focus on developing apps by integrating the latest technologies. They provide service across the globe and have successfully deployed over 500+ mobile and web apps for their clients. They have more than 800 employees that include developers, designers, UX engineers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, and project managers. They are experienced and dedicated to their work. In the last 10 years, the company has built expertise in the mobile and web app development, CRM, big data and analytics, user experience, design, testing, and cloud-based solutions. Company Details- Location- India. Founded In- 2004 Team Size- 250+ Minimum Project Size- $ 5,000+ Hourly Rates- $100 - $149 per hour.
Put An End To Your Quest on Which is Better WordPress or Drupal
WordPress and Drupal are having a neck to neck competition in the market. This competition has shaken developers and marketers to their very core, they have been jumping from market to market to make sure they are in the right business. ‘On which platform should they take their business Drupal or WordPress?’ This has not only been the question of developers and marketers this also the query of every other blogger as well as entrepreneur planning to commence their own website. WordPress and Drupal are both known for their exceptionally robust Content Management System, themes and plugins. Drupal web development company in the USA has the best set of skilled and expert web developers and marketers. Here is the comparison of Drupal and WordPress in the aspects crucial for crafting a mind-blowing website. Flexibility and Functionality WordPress offers over fifty-three thousand plugins and roundabout five thousand themes which makes it the best platform for customization because it offers endless unique outcomes. It provides great flexibility and functionality but their foundation is built on the themes and plugins. You can make a robust website by just installing some plugins here but this is also a weak spot of WordPress as these plugins can create security risks. Drupal is very complex in comparison to WordPress but its complicated build is what provides the users with high-level functionality. Drupal has better organizational sources for large content and data than WordPress development which contributes towards improving the overall speed of the website. Additionally, to increase functionality it offers excellent modules and themes. Security Security is one of the very vital attributes for website developing platforms. Drupal and WordPress are secure from their very core, but Drupal still stands out in terms of security. Drupal is a perfect CMS for financial institutions, organizations, and governments because it offers advanced security and in-depth security reports. When proper security measures are taken WordPress itself can be very secure but its reliance on third-party plugins has set it back in terms of security. According to a recent survey and studies plugins are majorly used hackers as their gateway. One of the reasons behind Drupal’s tough security system is it’s close to no reliance on third-party plugins. E-Commerce Both Drupal and WordPress are not built for e-commerce but both have successfully found a way to remedy that. Both platforms use carefully designed modules and plugins to meet the need of online store websites. Wordpress offers Woocommerce to the online business owners on the platform which offers a great user experience to the visitors of the site. WooCommerce runs over thirty percent of the online stores and provides attractive as well as comprehensible interface with payment gateways which contributed towards enhancing UX. Drupal offers Drupal Commerce to its online store owners and has already powered over sixty thousand websites all around the globe. With its modern as well as clean interface it is very simple to use and provides an amazing user experience. For customer satisfaction, it coordinates with social networks and payment providers form everywhere. The comparison of WordPress and Drupal on the basis of all these aspects can give you enough information to end your quest of finding out which is the better platform. Drupal is a little complex to use as its themes need coding for customization so to get excellent outcomes you can hire Drupal development services in the USA.
Creating the finest of website across domains using WordPress
Websites with prime functionality have high acceptance rates in terms of end-customers and reflect on ROIs. Hence a website must be oriented towards the end-user in each of its aspects. A quintessential feature for web development services is an all-round customization. This enables a website to meet client requirements in the finest of ways. Web development should also be oriented towards ensuring that a website stays secure against cyber threats. A high degree of security for customer data is hence ensured. To ensure that the front-end and back-end perform seamlessly, the web designer and web development teams must operate in a close coordination. Transparent work processes reflect over project turnaround times and create websites that are a perfect match for clients’ business requirements. An organized approach makes it easier to complete the projects within budgets. Mobile optimization ensures that a website delivers a top-grade performance across all devices. With 90% of customer interactions nowadays taking place over smartphones, keeping a website mobile optimized delivers rich dividends. An advantage of using Wordpress is that a web developer accesses responsive web technology by default. But a developer should check a website’s performance across devices and see if the responsiveness of a website needs to be customized. Factors that make WordPress Advantageous for web development Wordpress websites are exceedingly popular and each day, 50,000 new WordPress websites are launched over the internet. The best web development company in Odisha creates top performing WordPress websites across domains, such as blogging, fintech, banking, e-commerce, news and logistics. WordPress is defined by its versatility. Web development keeps WordPress websites innovative. It is the finest option for creating multi-page enterprise-grade websites. SEO considerations should play a role at every stage in website development. WordPress websites are characterized by creative expertise. They also feature a flawless functionality, easy navigation, neat designs and quick loading times. The SEO performance stays high, but strategic efforts towards SEO ensure that a website attracts traffic from the desired consumer cross-section demographics. The best web development company in Odisha accomplishes the same for your organization Requisite implementation of WordPress themes makes the websites easy to customize. Theme integration allows a website to have the right kind of an aesthetic appearance. Similarly, with the implementation of WordPress plugins, the functionality of the website enhances and becomes easier to use. Plugins make it easier to incorporate, APIs and custom post types within a website. The best web development company in Odisha ensures that WordPress plugins and third-party software integrate seamlessly with your website. Loading times and a website’s functionality stay top-notch and the front-end and the back-end alike deliver prime functionality. In total, WordPress has over 55,000 plugins. As an example, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites. Similarly with the top-class social media integration features offered by WordPress, one can create posts and monitor accounts from the WordPress backend, as a single dedicated destination. There is no requirement to log on to social media accounts individually. In order to keep a WordPress website’s functionality top-notch, a web development company in Odisha should deliver end-to-end services. This enables a business to derive maximum advantage of WordPress’s flexible features.
Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Our BI Consulting Services help decision-makers with the most critical insights of their domain which are inferred from the data analyzed by our business intelligence solutions. These insights help them to check for business alignments before making a decision, monitor key parameter s and make a decision more confidently to ensure a healthy progression. Our BI Consulting services portfolio Enterprise Data Warehousing(EDW) Build, fast, economical and fully managed enterprise data warehouse for all modern, self-service and advanced analytics use cases. Data Visualization, Analytics and Self-service BI with Self-service Business Intelligence. Data Visualization and analytics Data Integration (ETL) & DWH Data Modernization Effortlessly modernize your existing data platforms for better ROI by streamlining with new concepts and best practices known Cloud Migration & Transformation Big Data & Advanced Analytics Data Science Data Management Define and manage your most essential data to provide a point of reference along with identification, linking, and synchronization of information across disparate data sources. Data Governance Enterprise Data Merge or Split Data Quality Master Data Management (MDM) Power BI Experience your data anywhere with our tailor-made solutions Building live & Rich Dashboards Interactive Data visualizations Creating stunning interactive reports Consistent analysis across your organization. Database administration(DBA) Monitor, manage and optimize your databases Data security & Compliance Performance management Disaster Recovery 24×7 support
How to Start Video Streaming Business like Netflix in 2020?
By now, you might be aware of the entertainment platform, Netflix. This platform is designed to keep the people entertained with thrilling shows. Well, starting a business like Netflix is pretty simple in today’s date. Know more about business like Netflix: Online streaming is nothing but a feature-rich online platform which enables people to get engrossed in gripping movies, events and variety of shows. The platforms like Netflix make use of OTT (Over The Top) functionality. It is designed in such a way that a user does not have to download the whole show or movie and they can simply download only a part of the movie which they like to watch. Once a user hits the pause then download will stop there. Moreover, when it comes to developing a video streaming website or Netflix Clone App, you must research the top-notch web and mobile app development company. It is essential to contact the developers and ask esential queries so that they will assist you further in developing the video streaming platform as per your requirement. These kinds of online platforms create money by purchasing the rights to well-known movies or shows, etc. All about starting a business like Netflix: There must be a planning required for starting such a business. Initially, you might face certain challenges in streaming the videos on a new base but then you can join with any other small production house and they will eventually offer mesmerizing contents for your fresh video streaming web or mobile app. In this way, you can then take your business to the next level by generating your own content to attract the users. One of the essential factors to keep in mind is that original content attracts more users with each passing day. Essential features to include in a video streaming business online platform: Whether you plan to develop a web app or Netflix clone for mobile devices, there are certain factors to consider in order to attract the customers. 1 Home page is important to include: This page will guide your users about the application. It has to be attractive so that the platform gets huge downloads. They will enjoy the entertainment on the impressive platform. This page should have the entire list of movies and shows for the application users. It must be designed in such a way that a user can personalize the same according to his/her own preferences. 2 Onboarding plays an important role: Another major part to include is onboarding. This part will also eventually thrill the users to bits. here , they will get an insight about your video streaming website a lot. Adding this feature also enables you to increase your customer base with each passing day. The netflix clone you get developed for your business, must have this amazing functionality. 3 Logging into the application: The most important feature that will let the user to operate your web or mobile app without any hassle. Social media integration must be smooth to register or login this particular app. You can opt for providing different social media channels that a user can integrate for ease of registration procedure. For instance, you can opt for choosing facebook, Google, or the straightforward alternative is integrating with the contact number so that a user will just have to add the one time password that is received on contact number they provide while logging in. Moreover, you must also include the option by which a user can retrieve the password if in case they don’t remember. 4 Profile to be created by user: Another important factor is to let the user create a wonderful profile with this application. Through the profile, a user will be able to know in detail about the Netflix Clone App and adding the movies or shows should be like a cakewalk. 5 Settings part in the application: It is yet another essential factor to include in your Netflix clone. It should be streamlined in such a way that the users can switch from myriad alternatives in order to check the blockbuster movies or shows that will keep them hooked. Options to include in the application for video creators: Uploading of video must be done in simplified manner: This feature will help the video creators to add any video in no time and by simple procedures. Another essential part to include for video creators is the analytics and a studio. In this way, they just have to add an engaging video. Furthermore, the videos must be able to run effortlessly on numerous devices so that users can sit anywhere, anytime to enjoy the same. It must be easy for the video creator to upload each file or just take good quality videos from the webcam. Making multifarious video presentations must also be plain-sailing. Another option is that video creators can directly add the video from YouTube and users will again enjoy it to the extreme. Managing different types of video: The video creator should be able to have a better control over the entire media library. Apart from that, even the content curators can select the high-functionality tools for keeping the content fully organized. Also, users must easily create the playlist in simple ways through the app. Analytics is essential feature: Content curators must be able to track different contents in easy steps and in this way, your app will function well. Analytics provide different options about operating the app by video creators and content developers so that they will also be able to know which ones are performing good or which ones are most loved by the end users. Final Words: Well, now you might have got an insight about the factors to keep in mind about starting a business like netflix and features to include. This will eventually help you increase your customers as well as revenues. If you are a business minded and planning to start this type of business right from sitting at home, then you must contact the dedicated developers who will assist you in creating the best app. It will eventually help your business reach new heights.