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Upcoming K-Pop Comebacks

For August and non-confirmed dates!
(Does not include Japanese comebacks/debuts. Also does not include every solo artist or group comeback/debut as I may miss some!)

[August 14th]

Super M

This is supposed to be a pre-release single.

Brave Girls

[August 17th]



Kim Sejeong (Gugudan)

A.C.E (Not sure if this is the confirmed date or not)

[August 19th]


This'll be their first comeback since competing on Road to Kingdom.



[August 20th]


[August 21st]


This will be an English release.

[August 22nd]

Seven O'Clock

[August 24th]


[August 25th]

Kim Yohan

Formerly of X1, member of upcoming boy group WEi

Botopass - Debut

[August 27th]


[August 28th]

Blackpink x Selena Gomez

This is their second pre-release song for their upcoming comeback.

[August 31st]

Even of Day (Day6) - Subunit Debut

Delayed Dates:


Their comeback has been delayed to an unknown date because of Jinyoung's injury.

To Be Announced Dates:


RBW ENT who houses artists Mamamoo, VROMANCE, ONEUS, and ONEWE will debut a new girl group in the third quarter of 2020!


This comeback will only feature 7 members as Jinhoo is sitting out due to health issues and Wooseok and Jinhyuk due to solo activities. No date has been released yet.



Their official comeback will be sometime in the third or fourth quarter.

Rose (Blackpink) - Solo Debut

Rose of Blackpink will make her solo debut. Said to be sometime in October.


They are a girl group that will make their debut.

BXK - Debut

Other Comebacks:

1 - Kai (EXO) - Solo Debut

2 - AleXa

3 - Ateez (Thanxx MV Release)

4 - KARD

5 - CLC (September)

6 - Lovelyz (September)

7 - Stray Kids (September)

8 - Super M (September 25th)

[Which comebacks are you looking forward to the most?]

I'm looking forward to a lot of them like Astro, NCT Dream, MonstaX, Nu'est. Super M and even the repackaged of NCT 127
Oh WOODZ is Seungyoun from UNIQ?
@MelissaGarza yes he is! He goes by different stage names often so it messes with people. Luizy is his previous stage name, idk why he switched. Right now he use Woodz. He normally only used Woodz as a producer name but now uses it as a stage name. During X1/Produce and while with UNIQ he uses his real name Seungyoun.
@Halsyeon I was thinking about his other name. Now it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Is this he's debut as WOODZ?
Ugh! TOO MUCH!!!!!!!! IM GOUNG TO BE BROKE!!!! NCT (all units), SuperM, KNK, UP10TION, Day6 and Nuest.
@SHINee4ever right??? I’m so excited though!
Yeah! My summer will be full of buying at least one album each week!
love you <3
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Hey guys! Shey here. A few days ago I had the privilege of getting in contact with Syed Fernando, SP3CK of SAM&SP3CK, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions. Here we go! Q1) Who are you/Where are you from? A1) SAM (Sam Hong) is from Korea, and SP3CK (Syed Fernando) am from Malaysia. Q2) How did you meet? A2) We met about a year and a half ago when I was working in a small entertainment company called Cino Entertainment in Seoul as a producer. We became a duo 6 months later. We both had been making for 4 years prior to that. Q3) What inspired you to make electronic music? A3) We pretty much derive out inspiration from every other genre and, obviously, we took interest in electronic music at that time because we were curious as to how they make those sounds. Q4) Are you just a duo, or do you have more people working with you?/Are you working under a company? Or are you a self signing group? A4) We are a duo, but we just started our own small label/entertainment company called Big Beetle with another person called DJ Ruppy. Q5) Do the two of you live in Korea? Or do you live in separate countries? A5) We are both currently based in Seoul. For those of you that are interested in following them on social media, feel free to click on the links below. Sam Hong's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samnsp3ck/ Syed Fernando's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sam_sp3ck/ DJ Ruppy's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djruppy/ SAM&SP3CK's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samnsp3ck/ SAM&SPECK's SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/samnsp3ck If these don't work: Sam's Instagram name is samnsp3ck Syed's Instagram name is sam_sp3ck DJ Ruppy's Instagram name is djruppy Facebook name is SAM&SP3CK Pic 1&2: Sam Hong Pic 3: SAM&SP3CK Pic 4: Sam Hong and DJ Ruppy Pic 5&6: DJ Ruppy Pic 7: Big Beetle Have you guys seen the performance video of Ravi's DamnRa? feel free to click on the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njK53aD3Wrc Writer: SheyπŸ’• @ParkHwaYoung KpopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @Sailynn @KpopBeat KpopINT Fam: @elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @LenaBlackRose @LexiMintkgtopty @ParkHwaYoung @parktaemi @tayunnie Official KpopINT taglist~ A- @AaliyaNewbell @aliahwhbmida @AlisonYui @amberg171997 @AnaP @AngelaDarkness @ArhenBurris @AubriePope @axosrain @AyameTenchu B- @BrendaValdez @BluBear07 C- @CallMeMsDragon @CamrynCherry @ChristineO84 @CloverShadows @CrystalGuerra D- @DamarisCisneros @deilig @drummergirl691 E- @ekahjw @elainarenea @ESwee F- @faith92 @FannyWard G- @GDsGF H- @HaleyHerbig I- @imiebegay14 @IsoladaPazo @izabelpillado J- @JamiMilsap @Jasminep96 @jenjenkhreim @Jinnyrod3 K- @kanatm @KDSnKJH @Kieuseru L- @LizaNightshade @lcr4562 M- @maldonadosonia1 @MelissaGarza @mellyortiz @merryjayne13 @monikad @moonchild03 @mycreativename N- @NaBi7 @NathashaXavier @ninjamidori @NykeaKing O- @ortizwendy17 P- @Pickles440 Q- R- @RebeccaLondon @resavalencia @Roas420 S- @salo @Sammie9952 @SassyMaknae @SatinSkies @ScarletMermaid @SerenityThao @shellyfuentes70 @ShinoYuki @ShyrllBorden @StefaniTre @sukkyongwanser @Swhitta T- @TiffanyBibian U- @unnieARMkeY V- @VeronicaArtino W- X- @XionHeart @xxkarlah Y- Z- @Znae
BTS Fire and WTF Is Tropical House?
Alright y'all, we're going to talk about a topic that affects each and every one of us: TROPICAL HOUSE. It's a subgenre of house music that is influenced by instruments such as steel drums usually used in Jamaican, Cuban, etc music. It's been getting more and more popularity these days but I was still surprised to hear it in at BTS song! It is most noticeable in Rap Mon's part at 2:15. That awesome sound in the back? That's classic Tropical House music! Here are some more examples if you dig that sound: Jeremih - Don't Tell 'Em Thanks to @Lizzeh for reminding me about this awesome example!!!! Justin Bieber - Sorry & What Do You Mean Beibs made his comeback completely backed by this music. It sounds fresh, fun, and you CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT. Kygo - Stay Often referenced as the king of the rebirth of TropHouse, Kygo is your go-to DJ if you want nothing but Tropical House in your ears. Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are Ü Now This was the song that really brought the sound to mainstream recently. Those "dolphin sounds" or however you choose to describe it...yup, TropHouse. Fifth Harmony - Worth It & Work It's leaking into the girl group pop scene too with Fifth Harmony using an almost 8-bit take on Trop-Pop. Still groovy. Jamie XX - Loud Places And then we have Jamie XX that combines his smooth sleepy sounds from the XX with the catchy pop of Tropical House. Needless to say, it was love at first listen. Even though it has existed for a long time (and the influences that inspired existed looooooooooong before) I'm glad to hear more of it now in mainstream music! Enjoy!
AOMG Daily Saturday πŸŽ‰
Hello AOMG Fans! It's Melissa with AOMG Daily for Saturday! Here is their latest Instagram updates. Reposted from @aomgofficial [μš°μ›μž¬(Woo)] λ―Έλ…Έμ΄μ˜ μš”λ¦¬μ‘°λ¦¬ EP.4 | μš°μ›μž¬ λ―Έλ…Έμ΄μ˜ μš”λ¦¬μ‘°λ¦¬ meenoi's yorizori μš°μ›μž¬λ₯Ό μš”λ¦¬(?)쑰리(!) κ°–κ³ λ…ΈλŠ” λ―Έλ…Έμ΄μ˜ 손맛을 λŠκ»΄λ³΄μ„Έμš”! NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH on AOMGOFFICIAL Youtube Channel @munchinthepool #μš°μ›μž¬ #Woo @meenoie #미노이 #meenoi #λ―Έλ…Έμ΄μ˜μš”λ¦¬μ‘°λ¦¬ #yorizori #AOMG #8BALLTOWN Reposted from @aomgofficial [사이먼 도미닉 (Simon Dominic), GRAY (그레이), μ½”λ“œ 쿀슀트 (CODE KUNST), μ΄ν•˜μ΄ (LeeHi)] JTBC, μ•„λŠ” ν˜•λ‹˜ γ…€ 2021. 09. 18. SAT. 7:40PM (KST) 였늘 저녁 7μ‹œ 40λΆ„ 방솑 γ…€ - @longlivesmdc #사이먼도미닉 #SimonDominic @callmegray #GRAY #그레이 @code_kunst #μ½”λ“œμΏ€μŠ€νŠΈ #CODEKUNST @leehi_hi #μ΄ν•˜μ΄ #LeeHi @jtbcbros #μ•„λŠ”ν˜•λ‹˜ #KnowingBros #AOMG Until next time AOMG Fans! AOMG Council : @MelissaGarza @royalpandajedi @Babydollbre @Starbell808 ❀BO$$ Squad: @BBxGD @starbell808 @QueenPandaBunny @royalpandajedi @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @BabydollBre ♦J-Walkers @AnnaRodriguezmΒ  @BabydollBre @BBxGD @Bwolfgirl @CarolSilva @ckienitz @DayDaySMDC @dreemer13 @elainarenea @EvilGenius @ibMIMI @JasmineGregory @Jaysbae13 @AlexisJ15 @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @kolai4 @lcr4562 @lilbr0wneyes @LocoforJiyong @IsoldaPazo @MaelstromVIP @Mandibular @kirinacorn81 @maricela17mrn @MarrickeJ33 @MayraYanez @mitchix5 @mrsyookiyun @MzDawson31508 @NadineEsquivel @nmeza29Β  @ParanormalPanda @PriyaBala @QueenLele @QueenPandaBunny @Remysrose @SashaKmseoulΒ  @SierraBecerra @StefaniTre @sugaontop @TheEnlightment @TwistedPDnim @VatcheeAfandi99 @ViStorm @ @yaya12 @ZZyxz @Just2BLoved Please comment if you want to be added to JWalkers tag list.