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Is the One-Night Stand Worth It? Think long and hard before you indulge in a random hook up. It might seem like it has no strings attached, but there are several hidden consequences. After a one-night stand, you might end up with awkward one-sided affection, where one person wants a relationship and the other doesn’t. Broken hearts and awkward relationships are the price you pay for a drunken mistake. Plus, the walk of shame can be brutal. Take it Slow Don’t get carried away with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Relationships are fragile, and expectations on both sides of the relationship can vary greatly. Put Down the Phone Rethink the flirty texts. Communicating through your phone is ok sometimes, but it’s best to get out and meet face-to-face. Don’t be afraid to spend time with the people you’re interested in. Hiding behind a phone will rob of a good time. Give Some Space Showing up outside of your new love interest’s place or office every day isn’t cute. It’s clingy. Don’t scare your significant other away by hanging around too much. Chances are you probably wouldn’t like that kind of treatment if your roles were reversed. Age and Maturity Don’t Always Go Together You can’t count on someone being mature just because they’re older. You’ll only make the mistake of falling for an immature older man once, but it’s a hard mistake to make. Don’t assume anyone is mature. Get to know them like you would anybody else.
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@kristenadams All these points are definitely true especially the phone point, I have seen many couples that sound adorable when they talk to each other on the phone but when they are face to face, people need to bring it back to reality~ don't you think so?