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We’ve almost all experienced the feeling that something is wrong with our relationship. And if we haven’t experienced it firsthand, we’ve definitely seen warning signs in the relationships of our friends and family. If you have reservations about your current relationship, don’t look the other way and pretend they aren’t there. I know from experience that it’s best for both you and your partner to face these feelings head on. If you don’t, it could just mean more pain and disappointment down the road. Don’t let your heart get broken, look out for these red flags in your relationship. They Can’t Make Plans If your significant other can’t commit to a plan with you, whether it’s a week away or a year away, you should be concerned. It’s no stretch to say that if they can’t commit to spend time with you short term they probably can’t commit to spending time with you long term either. You deserve someone who looks forward to making plans and spending time with you. Don’t settle for anything less. They’re the Victim The world is a harsh place. Nobody makes it through life without some bumps along the way. Some people think the world is so bad that they are constantly a victim of its cruelty. They can’t take responsibility for any mistakes, and they think that all their problems are someone else’s fault. This attitude of self-pity and victimization will sink a relationship faster than almost anything. If you find that your significant other is constantly blaming other people for their problems, you should reconsider the relationship before you become their new scapegoat. They Don’t Like Kids Some relationships are casual and others are serious. But the ultimate goal of most relationships is a long-term commitment. Money, religion, and other life goals are all crucial to discuss in a long-term relationship; however, the topic of children is pretty close to the top of the list. The majority of adults want to have children one day, and if your significant other claims not to be one of them you may have a problem. A person’s aversion to children can signify their fear of commitment, or just a fear of commitment to their current relationship. They’re Never Happy Alone Does your significant other need to be with you to be happy and satisfied? Although it might sound sweet for them to think that way, an inability to be happy on their own might lead to clinginess, jealously, and other problems. No one can be a part of a happy and healthy relationship if they can’t be happy outside of a relationship. A significant other shouldn’t be a crutch. Don’t let your significant other use you as a distraction from their unhappiness. You deserve to be loved and appreciated! If your significant other is waving these red flags at you, be thankful you knew what to look for and move on. You’ll be much happier that way!
I'm trying to give you the benifit of the doubt but its just not looking good.
Some people just don't care for children. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them -- kids aren't for everyone. Not everyone wants to give up their life for that. Relationship satisfaction also goes down after kids arrive. Not to mention they're also incredibly expensive. On the contrary, someone who is obsessed with having children likely has issues with insecurity and a need for validation.