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Communication is the key to all relationships, both romantic and platonic. But maintaining good communication between you and your partner is easier said than done. Use these helpful tips to improve the communication in your relationships. Switch Roles Experiencing the relationship from your partner’s perspective will help you relate to them and understand their feelings. Instead of just imagining yourself in their role, do as much as you can to actually take on their actions and responsibilities for a day or two. The more of your partner’s experiences you can undergo, the more easily you will be able to understand their feelings and emotions. Listen in the Moment When couples argue and fight, they tend to think of how to win the argument or make their point while their partner is talking. Don’t prioritize your ego over your partner’s feelings. Force yourself to listen fully to what they say. Body Language Body language is an important part of communication that many couples overlook. Look out for signs that may give insight into how your partner is feeling. Crossed arms may signal defensiveness or fear, while lack of eye contact could imply shame or nervousness. Don’t Keep a Record We’ve all done it. In the heat of an argument we remember something wrong that our partner did in the past, and we bring it up in the argument in an attempt to win the fight. Usually, this tactic won’t strengthen your case or win the argument; all it will do is hurt your partner and make things worse. Don’t keep track of every mistake your partner makes. We all make mistakes, and rehashing old news is never helpful. Use Humor As bad as a fight might seem, lightening the mood with some kind of humor almost always helps. Think of something to give you and your partner a good laugh to release the tension of an argument. Lose Your Pride In some situations, the best course of action is to just surrender the argument and move on. Don’t be too prideful to concede an argument. A bruised ego is a small price to pay to have peace in your relationship.
@amelisantos10 you are absolutely right girl! Any time our pride is at stake, we will do anything to protect it, even if we know it is not worth it...
these are really helpful tips!! thank you @kristenadams and all of us should definitely keep these in mind when they are in a relationship :) especially the last point about your pride although it is easier said than done right?