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I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 9 Spoilor
OMGGG ! What are they doing? TaeKang and NaRi standed near river with beautiful night view. Nari's shoe was broken and TaeKang gave his sneaker to NaRi.
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ohhh that could be a real twist right there! but was there a hint about that possibility in the drama??
5 years ago·Reply
this is kind of "twist" that I hate the most....
5 years ago·Reply
OMG Really?? It's spoiler? Yeah we don't know anything about TaeKang's mother !
5 years ago·Reply
i'm just throwing crap against the wall maybe it will stick.
5 years ago·Reply
episode 10 looks to be the make or break episode. the preview looks like the doctor now wants to marry JiAn. dude can't catch a hint, she's not interested.
5 years ago·Reply