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Police used tear gas to temporarily disperse the protesters in Tuzla who threw stones at a local government building. The protesters returned after the tear gas volley, surrounded the empty government building and set tires and trash on fire. Police were reinforced with special dog units. Bosnians have many reasons to be unhappy as general elections approach in October. Besides the unemployment rate, the privatization that followed the end of communism and the 1992-95 war produced a handful of tycoons, almost wiped out the middle class and sent the working class into poverty. Corruption is widespread and high taxes to fund a bloated public sector eat away at paychecks.
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Is that the famous building in sarajevo?
4 years ago·Reply
I think so @joebiden, its the parliamentary building for anyone else who isn't sure
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Yeah thats what I was talking about! strange to see violence here again
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@joebiden Not particularly. The war sent a lot of Bosnians stateside including a very close mate of mine. The country is still unstable. She said she'd never go back and I can't blame her. Lot of problems still to be solved there as is with a lot of former Eastern Bloc countries mind you.
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