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How to install a shower drain

Whether it's a renovation or a new construction, linear shower drains are the choice for almost any bathroom. Installing a linear shower drain, particularly Easy Drain, is easier than you think. In this article we give you a brief explanation on how to install a linear shower drain in 10 steps.

For the best possible result, read the installation guide, as the exact instructions depend on the type of linear drain. We recommend installation by experienced professionals who comply with construction regulations.First of all you will need to buy a shower drain. You can read shower drain reviews before buying it.

1. Choose the location

A linear shower drain can be installed in 4 different ways: on the wall (one side or three sides) or on the floor (free on the floor or between two walls). Be sure to install the proper shower drain model for the location you have in mind. Regardless of the location of the shower drain, the floor should be slightly sloping towards the channel to ensure that the water is drained. When the slope to the drain is insufficient or non-existent, the water accumulates and floods the bathroom.

2. Prepare the work area

Before beginning the installation process, check that the floor and work area are clean. It is also important to ensure that no dirt of any kind comes into contact with the shower drain during mounting. You can protect the drain using the pre-installed (folded) sealing membrane or cloth. Before installation, the assembly process and its special characteristics should be clarified with the installer. After assembly make sure you know the complete assembly along with the installer.

3. Calculate the height of the shower drain

You must first determine the height of the shower drain. Don't forget that the tiles must be leveled or 1 mm above the highest edge of the shower drain to ensure optimal water drainage. When calculating the total depth, consider the thickness, tile adhesive layer, and leveling layer.

4. Place the integrated set

After creating space for the shower drain, the built-in set must be inserted and aligned and leveled. This can be accomplished using the height adjustable feet.

5. Connect to the drain pipe

We recommend replacing drain pipes with a diameter less than 50mm. It can happen in renovation projects where a shower tray has been installed. The shower drain must first be connected to the drain pipe and ensure that the drain pipe is sufficiently sloped. Slide the drain to the connector, no need to stick it as the connector offers enough sealing. Check the waterproofness of the shower drain and drain connection to prevent leaks.

6. Create a sloping floor

Create a proper slope in the floor to ensure that the water goes to the shower drain. To avoid gaps under the drain, make sure enough material is used that connects to the top edge of the drain frame.

7. Waterproof installation

As soon as the base of the floor has hardened, it's time to waterproof the shower drain. It can be achieved using the Water Protection System (WPS). The pre-installed sealing membrane can be unfolded and glued onto the screed using flexible sealing paste such as Easy2Seal 2K Rapid, which can be continued after about 90 minutes.
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Since 2019, It's Very Difficult To Achieve Popularity In The Field Of Astrology. Day By Day A lot of Peoples Trusts Getting Broken-up From Astrology. Due To Some Fake Astrologers Who Are In The Market To Making Money For Them Self. That's Why Is It Very Difficult To Find a Suitable & Best Astrologer In Hayward. Astrologer Parmod Shastri aims to Give Proper Prediction & Consultation To Their Client And Make Their Lives Happier Day By Day. Our Pandit Ji Has Great Experience & Uses Knowledge Of Jyotish Vidya & Karam Kand. Pandit Parmod Shastri Can Read Your Problems With Your Birth Chart & Also With Face Reading & After That Pandit Ji Had an Every Answer Of The Person Question. Tons Of Peoples Every Day Met With Their Services. From All Over India Comes To Him To Solve Their Problem With Him & They have Amazing Astrological Remedies From Him. New Day And New Problems Also Come In The Life Of a Human Being. We Don't Stay Away From That Problems. Best Astrologer In Hayward Can Help You Out With The Problems Like Love Issues, Parents Are Not Refusing For Love Marriage, You're Getting problems In Married Life, Environment Is Not Okay Between Husband & Wife, You're Regretting For Your Ex Love, You Want To Get Your Crush In Your Favour, Want a Job Promotion, Your Business Is In The Loss, Want Back Your Lost Love, You Are Relationship Is Not Going With Your Partner, Etc. Pandit Ji Had Special Powers From Maa Bhadrakali And Kaal Bhairav. Most of the people like to Consult With Astrologer Parmod Shastri because of problems in their life. Everyone wants to live a comfortable life and a happy life. Because their problems are very wide but you should not worry about your problems. Pandit Parmod Ji has solutions for any sort of problem in your life. You Can Also Contact the Best Astrologer In Hayward For Various Problems. You Can Get an Appointment With Them On-Call Consultation Or Video Call Consultation. You Can Send Message To Pandit Ji On WhatsApp Just Click Here. https://lovebackspecialists.com/best-astrologer-in-hayward Astrologer Parmod Shastri Is a By Serving The Best Service & Astrological Remedies To Heal Lives Of The Human Beings. Are you feeling difficulties in your life? Do You Think That Your Life Does Not Run Smoothly Or Not Going In The Right Direction? If You Are Answer Is Yes Then You Must Need To Consult With Indian Astrologer In Hayward who is providing Great Astrological Remedies For Their Clients For the Last 25 Years. Astrologer Parmod Shastri Researches With your name, date of birth, Photo, Birth Place, and time of birth to calculate your concerns Efficiency & Give Your Best Remedies & Solutions For your Entire Problem. Pandit Ji Earns Respect In India As Well As Out Side The India Also. Daily A lot Of Customers Are Getting in Touch With Them. Many Peoples in India As Well As In Foreign countries Benefit from the Best Astrologer In Hayward. You may also get solutions to your major problems Online Consultation Method. You need not to worry. When I am here with the blessings of Maa Kali and Kaal Bhairav And the powers of Mantras and Tantras your life can be Prosperous And Successful. Astrologer Parmod Shastri is not only Best Astrologer in Chandigarh. They are also Popular Astrologer in big countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Paris and many more countries. Everyone is getting solutions from Parmod Ji. Then why you not taking a call appointment with Astrologer Parmod Shastri. They Will Give you very immediately Solution Of your Problem (+91 951-7925-311) USA +1-786-691-4381. Astrologer Parmod Shastri Also Allow To Show Their Client's Work On The Video Call. If You Want Instant And Effective For Your Problem Just In Next 10-15 Hours Then Once Consult PAndit Ji. They Should Give You Under The Deadline. So, consult today to pandit ji on call all and get rid off from your daily life problem solution and live happy and peaceful life
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Kitchen Sink: Here Is How To Choose One?
If you are planning to buy a kitchen sink, then there is more to them than just the looks. In the kitchen, it is the most used item, and you go for one that best suits the design of the kitchen and your lifestyle as well. There is kitchen copper sink, then there are stainless skins, and then you have granite sinks as well. They come in various styles as well: Sink Styles They come in various styles as well to fit in the space. Some of the popular designs are discussed underneath. Overmount These sinks are installed from the top. The edges of the sink rest over the benchtop surface. Their style combines the sink and the drainer. You can install them easily on your own as well. And they don’t cost a lot either. Undermount These are mounted from below, and these sinks are held in place with the help of a strong adhesive. As compared to the overtop sinks they are not supported by the benchtop. It is easy to wipe them with a cloth, and their sleek looks are very appealing to many. As they are installed from below, it takes a while to install them. If you have granite, marble or an engineered benchtop in the home, then it makes even more suitable for the installation. Apron Front Their design makes them protrude out from the benchtop. The apron front sinks are easier to wash and clean. As there is not cabinet or benchtop between you and the sink, so it becomes very easy to clean the dishes in these sinks. After installation, their level is slightly lower than the benchtop level. The bench over hangs and it makes wiping water or food into the sink rather easy. Sink Size You should go with a size that goes perfectly well with space. If the sink bowl is deeper, you will have more room for soaking, washing and rinsing the dishes. On the other hand, a shallow sink means less bending over and less strain on the back. The size of the sink should be such that it should not take too much of space on the bench and overlooks oversized. In The End You can go different metals as well as kitchen copper sinks, stainless steel sinks but the overall look f the sinks should be such that it goes with the overall design of the kitchen.
A 7 days absent versus the exchange deadline, the Blues require towards consider security towards someplace
Sunday afternoon's 4-3 extra time reduction in direction of the Winnipeg Jets - the Blues 3rd reduction of 4 video games this time versus Winnipeg - generated Quite obvious what the Blues have to have toward protect at the exchange deadline. The staff members's offense received it finished with no possibly Robert Thomas or Pavel Buchnevich , yet While it arrived period for successful security, effectively, it was security optional for the instant activity inside of a row.The staff members's protection is reluctant, with perhaps the exception of Justin Faulk and Torey Krug. Colton Parayko nevertheless appears to be like including he incorporates possibly prolonged time period repercussions against his back again harm or incorporates intended extended phrase behavior towards the agony very similar in direction of that harm. He's tentativeBrian Sutter T-Shirt, he's not having absent lanes with his extended achieve which includes he may perhaps, and as considerably as currently being a deterrent over the Blues website he is a non-position.Marco Scandella's status retains turning out to be tossed in close proximity to as a exchange chip, and I contain toward check with: towards what staff members? And for what? Niko Mikkola, Jake Walman, and Robert Bortuzzo are great. I wear't signify that as a compliment, simply a descriptor. The staff's time beyond regulation reduction - their 6th of the period - was a microcosm of the conditions the workers contains been struggling with. This isn't even completely a breakdown upon the defensemen's section - it's the staff members protection essentials, as a complete, that will need in direction of be seemed at.The report-match generate up against Jim Thomas inside the Article-Dispatch reads such as a what not in direction of do listing. Highest of it will come immediately versus the mouth of Brayden Schenn and Craig Berube, as they ended up the basically 2 participants of the business enterprise designed obtainable in the direction of the force just after the decline.hen ambitions come about, we're taking stuck upon the erroneous aspect of the puck, and that style of comes about within just additional timehttps://www.stlouisicegear.com/Ryan_Oreilly_Pet_Jersey, Schenn claimed. ou've acquired towards be reluctant for your probability, and we're a tiny little bit antsy in the direction of assault just before we obtain the puck or prior to we full up safeguarding.hat was within just reference toward Jordan Kyrou's extra time enjoy, inside of which he arrived upon for a line difference and blasted in the direction of the Jets' zone alternatively of minding the Jets avid gamers upon the ice. That still left basically Parayko toward secure towards Nikolaj Ehlers and Pierre Luc-Dubois considering the fact that Schenn was coming upon at a line-variation. It's perfect Parayko wished-for towards generate anything come about, nonetheless on your own on top of that will need in direction of be knowledgeable of what's occurring. His blunder led in direction of a scoring likelihood that led toward a function as a result of Dubois.Berube wasn't psyched with Parayko's putting upon the function, possibly:tay further more in just the centre of the ice, Berube mentioned. chenn is again-examining. It's a lefthanded shot merely go away him upon the outdoors. And allow him shoot towards around there, in its place than developing a seam move. That's hard. That's a difficult help save.plit minute option generating still left the staff within just the lurch, yet scenarios together with both equally of these types of conditions against Sunday aren't accurately occurring inside of time beyond regulation. They're developing almost just about every period the personnel is within just their private zone. The issue is, the place does the maintenance occur versus? Does the workers move forward towards be reluctant for a person of the other 4 defensemen not termed Faulk or Krug towards engage in much better? Do they generate a exchange that quite possibly selling prices them one particular of their ultimate prospective clients or a significant draft decide on? Jordan Binnington Pet Jersey Vladimir Tarasenko Bodysuit
Как правильно парить девушку в бане
Особенности парения женского пола Бытует мнение, что исключительно мужчины могут быть настоящими знатоками в банном деле. На самом же деле, женщины могут разбираться в нюансах посещения бани не хуже мужчин. В своей практике я даже встречал женщин-банщиц. На самом деле, это все предубеждения. Девушки точно так же может с радостью париться в бане, как и мужчина. Единственное, что неопытной в банном деле даме действительно может показать все прелести парения именно мужчина. Неповторимые и яркие ощущения ей обеспечены! Вернемся к вопросу, как же парить в бане девушку? Если вы решили пригласить девушку на свидание в баню, следует оставить свое желание поддать пар и сделать максимальную температуру в парной.Во всем лучше быть умеренным. Это значит, что парить неопытную девушку лучше как новичка: с максимальным комфортом и минимальной температурой. Если девушка в бане никогда не была, нет необходимости делать больше двух заходов по пять-семь минут. А примерный график первого похода в баню пусть будет такой. Перед началом банных процедур позвольте девушке принять теплый душ. После этого можно сделать первый заход в течение пяти минут. Выйдя из парилки, можно отдохнуть, выпить немного чая, принять теплый душ. После этого может быть второй заход, на этот раз температура в парилке может быть немного повыше, а париться уже можно с веником.более высокая температура достигается подливанием горячей воды на камни с помощью ковша. После этого захода девушка принимает холодный душ – и отправляться в третий заход на несколько минут. Завершает процедуру теплый душ. Каждый мужчина перед походом в баню должен знать, как правильно парить веником прочитав мою статью как правильно париться в бане. Перед процедурами необходимо уточнить у девушки нет ли у неё противопоказаний. Начинать парить ее необходимо при температуре не более 60 градусов, чтобы ей было комфортно. Не нужно делать слишком высокую температуру и сражу поддавать пар, так как для женского не подготовленного организма это может оказаться достаточно сильной нагрузкой и может привести к головокружению. Основная сложность банных процедур – второй и третий заход в парилку, когда нужно работать веником. Не всякий умеет делать это нежно, так, как нравится дамам. Первый подготовительный этап – это опахивание. Для начала процедуры необходимо уложить девушку на полок. После этого нужно плеснуть буквально немного горячей воды на раскаленные камни. Можно добавить в воду ароматизированные масла. Когда появится пар, можно сделать опахивание. Этот прием заключается в том, что вы проводите веником вдоль тела девушки, не касаясь ее тела, как будто нагоняя горячий воздух сверну донизу. Следующий не менее важный этап парения девушки в бане с веником – поглаживание. Для того чтобы применить этот прием, следует опустить прогретый под потолком веник на стопы, а потом плавно провести их по телу вверх до шеи и в обратном порядке, далее обработать боковые части тела. После окончания процедуры поглаживания можно перейти к технике постегивания. Этот прием заключается в том, что по спине, бедрам, икрам, ступням, пояснице наносятся легкие скользящие удары. После этого необходимо перейти к похлестыванию. Эта техника отличается от поглаживания тем, что удары наносятся сверху, захватывая горячий воздух с потолка парной. Хлестать стоит несильно, но ощутимо. В ходе похлестывания стоит спросить у девушки, как она себя чувствует, не больно ли ей, а если она жалуется, немного снизить интенсивность. В промежутке между парением девушке можно предложить отдохнуть. После этого можно сделать следующий заход в парилку, где повторяется все сначала. Продолжить можно растиранием березовым веником(вы растираете тело через веник) или растяжкой (веники ведут навстречу друг другу). Наконец, можно перейти к охлаждению. Охлаждаться нужно по ощущениям-или прохладный душ, ведро-водопад или окунуться в Днепре. Зимой можно даже предложить девушке обтереться снегом. По окончании процедур обязательно напоите девушку горячим чаем с лимоном и медом. Напоследок хочу напомнить вам, что выполнение банных процедур требует хорошей физической подготовки, так как процедуры парения происходят при высоких температурах В нашем банном комплексе существует программа все включено для двоих. Источник https://domikrybaka.com.ua/kak_pravilno_parit_devushku
Select the Most Reliable Packers and Movers in Nagpur and Bhopal
Considering relocating to a new house? In addition to all the other considerations you must make before deciding to move, picking the right movers and packers is quite important. Local service providers are adequate for local moves; but, for intercity or international moves, the quality of your packers and movers will determine how well everything goes. It can be physically and mentally taxing to gather all of your possessions, pack them into orderly boxes, mark them, and then arrange to have them delivered to your new address. Professionally trained international packers and movers can take the stress out of moving. One can complete all of this with just a few clicks. Finding the ideal moving partner, however, is key to having a smooth and stress-free move. I've provided a few useful yet crucial tips below to assist you in finding the top movers and packers in Bhopal. You are entrusting them with the possessions you have worked your entire life to earn. Conduct a careful basis for planning There are two approaches you can take when picking your service provider. Instead of doing your research online, it is always preferable to speak with and get suggestions from friends, co-workers, family members, etc. One only needs to enter a search term on Google to verify the extravagant promises made by moving and packing firms, as well as their service offerings, pricing, and shortlists against the reviews they have gotten and the legitimacy of their websites, etc. Check the Credentials. Always demand formal documentation of operations from a packer and mover before you sign the contract with them. Verify any licences, permits, or certificates they may have. This prevents one from having to deal with a problem, especially if they are moving in with a reputable packer and mover company. Check whether they provide insurance or not It is a critical that needs to be consider. A reputable and trustworthy business will constantly strive to suggest insurance coverage to protect you in the event of any damage, which is a very real danger during the transfer of goods. Do they offer services for animals, plants, and cars? If you have specific needs, like relocating your pets, priceless items, or automobiles, it is preferable to go with a firm that also provides a one-stop shop solution for moving. Make sure the home shifting company you select can handle both this and the shipment of your usual belongings.
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2021-22 Time within just Research: Teddy Blueger
Signed for a person even more time at a $2.2 million cap strike following finishing the to start with year of a 2-calendar year package in just 2021-22, preset toward be an limitless absolutely free consultant summertime 2023.Enjoyment details: Blueger experienced some intriguing house/absent splits this year. At PPG Paints he simply just scored a few targets within 31 game titles. Upon the street, he shot excess always and much betterPhil Bourque Pet Jersey, doubling up with 6 ambitions inside 34 game titles.Blueger's 2:15 common TOI although limited-passed led all Pittsburgh forwards inside of that division this period.Blueger's 672 faceoffs had been 3rd upon the employees this year, his 130 limited-passed faceoffs have been best upon the employees.This was the to start with time of Blueger's occupation exactly where he gained much more than 50% of faceoffs.Even even though he performed 22 much more game titles within just 2021-22 than inside of the shortened 2020-21 marketing campaign, Blueger's penalty minutes pretty much lessened in opposition to 16 towards 10 this 12 months.Historical past 2020-21 Pensburgh Period in just Evaluate2019-20 Pensburgh Year Inside Study2018-19 Pensburgh Period Inside ReviewPlayoffsIt was a serene playoffs for Blueger, a minimal as well relaxed. Blueger recorded no objectives and just one assistance in just the 7 contests with an normal of 14:07 for each match, which rated 10th greatest in between Penguin forwards.Every month SplitVia Yahoo Tale of the seasonMuch together with Evan Rodrigues, it was a story of 2 seasons inside of 2021-22 for Teddy Blueger. Early upon within the calendar year with Evgeni Malkin upon the shelf, Blueger obtained in the direction of engage in a weighty dose of minutes within just the to start with 3 weeks of the period, and he responded with some unpredicted generation scoring 7 plans in just his to start with 30 game titles, displaying a pleasant scoring contact for a participant who experienced in no way harmed the double-digit mark in just the NHL inside of targets. Regrettably When, Blueger wouldn't in just 2021-22 possibly immediately after his period received derailed upon January 23rd Though an elbow in direction of the mind in opposition to Winnipeg's Brendon Dillon resulted in just a weakened jaw for Blueger. That location Blueger upon the shelf for 6 months and, understandably ample, was a turning simple fact in the direction of change the trajectory of his yr.Coming again against the ruined jaw, Blueger scored just 1 intent within just the previous 32 video games he performed inside of the year. He was capable in the direction of incorporate 10 can help within this extendJaromir Jagr Bodysuit, still solved into a fourth line purpose and available minimal offense.Component 1: 40 game titles, 8 targets, 9 allows, 17 specifics, 15:40 for every video game, 54.8 faceoff%, 63 shotsPart 2: 32 video games, 1G+11A, 12 information, 14:02 for every video game, 49.8 faceoff%, 38 shotsRegular period 5v5 sophisticated statsData by way of Organic and natural Stat Trick. Rating is out of 17 forwards upon the staff who skilled by way of actively playing a minimum amount of 150 minutes.Corsi For%: 48.4Aims For%: 59.7xGF%: 51.4Scoring Prospect %: 49.4Large Risk Scoring Probability%: 52.15v5 upon-ice capturing%: 8.67Upon-ice help save%:.939Objectives/60: 0.53Aids/60: 1.21Information/60: 1.73As a decreased line participant who started off inside the defensive zone much additional always than the offensive conclusion of the ice, it's no speculate that situtionally Blueger reveals himself becoming out-shot. He and his linemates did properly toward regarding tread drinking water inside of Those departments and not present up a good deal of excellent options towards. The major discrepancy would be broadly outscoring the competition upon a 51.4% xGF%. Blueger's plans, helps and specifics/60 charges ended up all extremely equivalent in direction of very last time, with yet again a fairly potent 1.73 P/60. He incorporates resolved into a participant with constrained function scoring electrical power however is a fairly beneficial playmaking middle that will established up teammates for good quality opportunities.Charts n'at At the moment more than 200 video games into his NHL professionhttps://www.pittsburghicegear.com/Teddy_Blueger_Pet_Jersey, Blueger reveals himself as some thing much better than a fourth line heart, however however confined ample within his offense and objective scoring in direction of nonetheless not rather be a 3rd line participant Though the staff is at entire power without having injury. He excels defensively and upon the PK. The defensive relevance available can't be below-talked about, Blueger contains developed into remaining just one of the maximum trustworthy and successful gamers upon the workers and, within real truth within just the total league absent in opposition to the puck and with his defensive have an effect on. The microstats demonstrate how and why Blueger is a Pretty Terrific impartial zone participant. As a middle, he is dependable at manufacturing himself obtainable for the defensemen toward go in direction of for zone exits, exactly where he showcases his passing electrical power through shifting up the ice by means of allowing the puck do the effort. or via retrieving and wearing it himself. Blueger doesn't incorporate the competencies or palms towards provide the puck into the zone that occasionallyhttps://www.pittsburghicegear.com/Joe_Mullen_Hoodie, still can dump and receive upon the forecheck in direction of get well it.Deep within the zone, Blueger is significantly further heading in direction of transfer reduced-toward-higher and move back again toward the place, and typically struggles toward develop quite a few capturing efforts for himself. HighlightsBlueger's video game of the time was almost certainly within just the Pens' 6-0 get in excess of Montreal upon November 18th. Blueger experienced his simply just 2-objective match of the 12 months, and it marked a single of 2 online games the place he experienced 3 details.That's a few facts for Teddy Blueger! Pittsburgh Penguins November 19, 2021Just after scoring a few limited-passed ambitions past year, Blueger basically experienced a person this calendar year, nonetheless he'd possibly just take that tradeoff for the PK currently being a ton greater defensively. The function was a pleasant one particular upon a breakaway deke versus Fresh Jersey within December.Shorthanded? No issue for Teddy Blueger.Of training course, that shorthanded tally is our @JagermeisterUSA Shot of the Night time. Pittsburgh Penguins December 20, 2021Tonight we're honoring the crimson, white, and BLUEGER Intent! Pittsburgh Penguins November 12, 2021And below's a emphasize that showcases Blueger's eyesight and passing contact in direction of create a great participate in for Brian Boyle toward just take the entire.Brian Boyle is makin' a substantial have an effect on early Pittsburgh Penguins March 13, 2022Backside lineAfter an supporting commence toward the period that noticed a great deal of output and getting a key piece of a purple warm penalty get rid of, Blueger's marketing campaign pale absent a little bit immediately after discomfort his hurt. Not that it necessary in the direction of be proved, nevertheless he yet again confirmed that he is a amazingly reliable, respectedhttps://www.pittsburghicegear.com/John_Cullen_T_shirt, sturdy decreased line participant for the Pens. Blueger simply just is made up of 1G+1A inside 18 profession playoff video games, When his simply just endeavor isn't simply towards offer you offense, groups that move deep within the playoff operates always uncover techniques for some ponder pop-up performances. The Pens are nevertheless waiting around for Blueger towards move up and perform hero or crank out any variety of have an impact on in just the short article-period.Excellent 2022-23It's likely a great deal which include 2021-22, minus having a headshot and breaking his jaw. Blueger really should flirt back with breaking that elusive 10+ function barrier, and stop up within the 30ish simple fact quantity if he obtain a total calendar year within just and performs perfectly, which back again can crank out him Very a beneficial 10th in advance upon the staff-design.Wonder towards ponderThe stream in the direction of develop Jeff Carter just about yes fixed Blueger's Room as a fourth line heart in just the Pens' excellent lineup, however what kind of fourth line really should Pittsburgh produce? Avid gamers including Brock McGinn, Brian Boyle and the departed Zach Aston-Reese and Dominik Simon experienced different amounts of overall performance. Because the Pens gained't comprise a lot economic in direction of function with toward come across the future McGinn-design high priced lessen line participant, can Blueger and his playmaking support carry a youthful participant if it will come in the direction of that? https://www.pittsburghicegear.com/Sidney_Crosby_Bodysuit https://www.pittsburghicegear.com/Kris_Letang_Hoodie
ここ数年のCOVID-19事件でオンラインカジノが定番化し、筆者自身もこの1年でカジノシーンに積極的に参加するようになった。(悲) オンラインカジノの旅が長引く昨今、筆者もスランプや連敗に直面することがあった。そんな中、筆者が見つけたスランプ脱出の秘策は、無料版カジノゲームのプレイを始めることだった。 なぜ、これが有効なのか? それは、連敗が続くと精神的に参ってしまい、さらに連敗してしまうからである。そこで筆者は、まずはお金のかからないオンラインカジノゲームをプレイして、連勝記録を更新することにした。 さらに、COVID-19による新規カジノプレイヤーの参入の波が押し寄せている。初心者はお金を投資する前に必ずプレイを試したいと思うので、無料で遊べるオンラインカジノが人気になっている。 無料のオンラインカジノゲームにはどのようなものがあるのでしょうか。 正直なところ、現在インターネット上には無料版のオンラインカジノゲームがたくさんあり、人気のあるカジノブランドの多くは、初心者に対応するために無料版を作成することに投資しています。 その中で、筆者がおすすめするのは、日本で最も新しいオンラインカジノブランドである無料版ロイヤルムーンオンラインカジノです。無料版カジノでは提供されていない人気ゲームを数多く取り揃えている。 ロイヤルムーン無料版オンラインカジノ(https://www.royalmoonfree.com/?URLtoken=NO-JjgYk7DynkrI9YTU2UxwIg==)の長所は以下の通りです。 登録が簡単(文字通り、筆者がプレイを始めるのに1分しかかからなかったような、笑)。 ゲーム数が多い(ハイワインドリーム、ブラックジャック、バカラなどの人気ゲーム) モバイルでもデスクトップでもシームレスな体験ができる。 結論として、日本でもオンラインカジノはどんどん普及しているが、賢く遊ぶためには、まず無料版から試してみることをお勧めする。私たちがオンラインカジノに求めるものは、ただ単にスロットマシンの面白さを味わうことなのだ。 オンラインカジノ 無料